Substance Abuse Counselor Job Description

The use of drugs is on the rise. Many people, especially youth, are falling prey to this evil. To help them come out of their addiction, they need the help of special counselors known as substance abuse counselors. To know more about this profession, read the substance abuse counselor job description given for your read.

Many youth have gotten involved in drugs. It is addictive and has a lot of money. Governments allocate millions of dollars to fight this menace. However, thousands of youngsters still get trapped in it. The best way to fight this menace is through getting the addicted youths counseling so they can kick the habit. Substance abuse counselors help them overcome the addiction through counseling. Counseling is known to be extremely helpful in a getting rid of the addiction.

It is not just about the drugs, these addicted youths also face many other psychological problems. The counselors help them deal with those issues as well. Many of the addicted youth suffer abuse at home or elsewhere; the counselors help them out of those situations as well. This is an extra added responsibility in the substance abuse counselor job description.

They can handle the patients one by one or they can have group therapy sessions. They divide the people into groups and they can support each other through phases where they feel like taking drugs again. They even help each other face withdrawl symptoms. These are the worst times and the counselor has to be in constant touch with them to get them through it.

The identities of the patients are kept confidential by the counselor, but they still have to maintain a progress report on each. They have to be in touch with the family too and ensure that they are doing their bit. Family's and friends' support is extremely important for the victims.

The counselors can work with government organizations, hospitals, addiction clinics or even NGO's. There is ample employment opportunity and the pay is also decent. For further details, read the substance abuse counselor job description given below in detail.

Duties and responsibilities of a substance abuse counselor

Education required by a substance abuse counselor

Career Advancement

Many substance abuse counselors use this position as a way to study further and become psychologists and psychiatrists. However, if one sticks only to this profession, they can advance in up to the posts of seniors in their work place.

The substance abuse counselor job description will inform you on how get into this profession where you get to help people recover from a dangerous addiction.

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