Assembly Supervisor Responsibilities

An assembly supervisor is a person responsible for organizing, planning, and coordinating plant assembly activities on a particular work shift. They answer and report to the production or manufacturing manager and provide them with the detailed information about the daily production, quality, sales, engineering, and shipping. The assembly process is generally a part of the manufacturing process and usually includes the assembling of specific parts of the product and making it ready for dispatching.

An assembler is a person who is responsible for assembling the pieces of a product by reading instructions and manuals. The assembly may then include testing of sub-assembled parts before further assembly. The product is then moved to the next assembly process, where it is tested again and assembled with other parts, further completing the product. An assembler is provided with a specific work with production parts, testing equipments, tools, and documentations. He is responsible in keeping his work area clean and orderly by maintaining all the tools and equipments.

To start a career as an assembly supervisor, you must have ample experience of the assembling process. To gain an assembler job, you must at least have a high school diploma or GED. You must also possess good reading and math skills. While applying for an assembly supervisor job, you may also need to get through various physical and visual examinations that generally depend upon the type of manufacturing process you are applying for. The assemblers are also responsible for completing their daily targets, which are often checked by the assembly supervisor.

The assembly supervisor responsibilities include keeping a track of all the assemblers and manage the process for its efficient functioning. He keeps a record of all the production units, quality control, work procedures, and targets of the assemblers. The assembly supervisor is the person answerable for any production loss or problem occurred in this specific process. This job is generally divided into three different parts: sorter, sampler, and weigher. These jobs are generally categorized in the inspection process and ensure that the product was assembled perfectly.

The assembly or assembly supervisor job is one of the best career building opportunities for a candidate with high school diploma or GED. However, a candidate must be knowledgeable about the different job responsibilities and key skills essential for this job. Following is the detailed information about various key skills and job responsibilities of an assembly supervisor:

Key Skills

Punctual, dedicated, and professional behavior are some of the most essential key skills required for an assembly supervisor job. Following are some of the other common skills noticed by an employer before offering you the assembly supervisor job:

Job Responsibilities

The assembly supervisor is responsible for keeping a track of all the functioning undertaken in his or her process. Following are some of the assembly supervisor job responsibilities:


An assembly supervisor is paid an average annual salary in the range of $55,000 to $61,000. However, this salary may vary based upon the industry, qualification, and experience the candidates possess. The salary scale generally varies a lot based upon the product or goods manufactured by the organization.

The above assembly supervisor responsibilities will help you get ample knowledge about the working nature of an assembly supervisor. This information will help you to plan your career path in the field of assembly supervisor field, which is one of the blooming career options for candidates with a high school diploma or GDE.

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