Branch Supervisor Responsibilities

Running a branch of a chain store, a bank, or any other business can be quite an irksome task for the authorities. Surveillance cameras are a trusted device and biometric machine can be used to register the login and logout time of the employees. Still, these devices cannot match the significance of human supervision in a branch. A supervisor is thus recruited and is assigned a set of responsibilities to maintain uniformity in the branch operations.

A branch supervisor plays an active role in administration of all the departments. Be it the finance staff or the human resource personnel, the supervisor keeps an eye on everyday operations. He implements organizational policies and ensures adherence to the same. He has to see that the branch opens and closes at regular timings and permits employees to work overtime when required to.

A supervisor is required to look after the customer service operations and delivery of products/services in a timely manner. He also monitors the recruitment activities and performance of the recruits post training to identify areas of improvement to enhance organizational productivity. This may call for development and implementation of new programs that again is the responsibility of the supervisor.

The supervisor monitors the sales and service delivery figures and sets target for the branch for the coming period. He is a person who not just motivates the employees to outshine, but can also take disciplinary actions if an employee performs below expectations on a consistent basis.

The following description of branch supervisor responsibilities explains this profession and the associated information in detail.

Staff Management

The branch supervisor verifies and approves the staffing requirements for different departments. He directs or conducts training for new recruits and development training modules for existing employees in the branch to keep their knowledge and productivity levels high.

He ensures punctuality of the staff and approves their leaves. He has to keep the branch manager informed of any irregularities in the behavior and attendance of the staff.

Finance and Payroll Management

The branch supervisor monitors the financial operations to maintain a transparency in the cash flow. He has to keep a track of all the financial transactions and ensure that they reflect in the company accounts.

Customer Service Management

The branch supervisor meets or communicates with irate customers and listens to their grievances. He takes necessary actions to resolve their complains.

Documentation and Reporting

A supervisor has to prepare various documents on a regular basis. He has to file these documents and share those with the authorities and other departments when needed.

Additional Responsibilities

The branch supervisor is required to handle all other responsibilities that are assigned to him. He may have to interact with external agencies or develop and initiate CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) programs independently or in liaison with other departments or branches.

Skills of a Branch Supervisor

To deliver expected results while working as a branch supervisor, a person should :

Becoming a Branch Supervisor

Individuals with an associate or a bachelor's degree with an experience of working in sales or customer service department are eligible to apply for this position. However, experience in any other department can be considered, provided that the applicant is able to convince the employer regarding his efficiency.

Career Scope for a Branch Supervisor

Average salary for a branch supervisor is $44,000. Other benefits may include insurance plan, performance incentives, annual bonuses, etc.

Responsibilities of a branch supervisor are dedicated towards the smooth functioning of a branch.

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