Electrical Supervisor Job Description

An electrical supervisor is the one who supervises and directs a team of electricians. He plays a vital role in our lives by guiding the electricians on various electrical defects and the initiation and connection of electrical systems. He also helps the electricians pin point the root of the defects and take remedial measures to correct it.

He administers, trains and brushes up the skills of the electricians on the fundamentals of preventing electrical malfunctions and avoiding electric shocks, though the electricians are fairly trained on these. He takes care of the different electrical appliances as well.

The electrical supervisor responsibilities include managing and overseeing the connection, initiation and repair of the electrical systems. He also guides the electricians on using the electrical systems and cross checking them for a number of functions like quality power, air conditioning, water supply and cooling.

The electrical supervisor is a more superior, knowledgable and well versed electrician who heads, guides, motivates, administrates, manages and supervises a team of electricians. His responsibilities and duties vary a little bit depending on the kind of organization he is attached with. But his key responsibilities remain the same.

Key Responsibilities Of Electrical Supervisor

The electrical supervisor oversees and directs the generation and care of electrical energy for instruments and equipments in the domestic areas, factories and other trades. He consults the blue prints and discusses the same with his subordinate electricians while he is active and puts into use the factories, domestic areas and the other office buildings' electrical circuits and connections.

He employs and trains the junior electricians and by teaching them the method of using generators, power circuits and scale calibrators. He even measures the performance of his fellow electricians and decides the approval of the termination of their contracts in case they work ineffectively and inappropriately.

He has the following key responsibilities:

Working Conditions

He works in a range of company offices, beginning from oil exploration regions and water establishment systems to general office installations. He remains busy throughout the whole day and needs to perform multiple jobs simultaneously. He may work and remain standing on ladders or ceilings for long hours for supervising the electricians and has the risk of suffering injuries from falls, cuts and electricity, which is why, all the safety measures should be adopted by him. He has to work around 45 hours a week. Overtime may be required sometimes.


The candidate needs to acquire a federally approved four year technical training program in repair and care of electrical systems. He also needs a minimum expertise of five years that should be inclusive of a year of supervisory expertise in electrical repair and maintenance.


He earns around USD 135,000 per annum on an average. But this can vary from one place to another depending on the size of the factory or organization.

Thus, the electrical supervisor responsibilities include directing and supervising the electricians in order to solve matters related to initiation and care of different electrical equipment and systems.

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