Field Service Supervisor Job Description

A field service supervisor is a professional who is responsible for getting quality work done under his/her supervision. He/she may be employed in a wide variety of industries like construction, technical, chemical, environmental, software, etc., to name a few. However, the responsibilities will differ according to the area he/she is functioning in. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the basic responsibilities that need to be shouldered by a field service supervisor.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Service Supervisor

The field service supervisor generally works under the supervision of some senior supervisor and needs to follow and plan his/her work on field according to the priority. He/she is responsible for managing the field service activities that will meet or exceed the company's and customers' requirements. Here is a brief description of the key responsibilities that need to be carried out by a field service supervisor:

Field Service Supervisor in Sales Field

Field Service Supervisor in Community Based Services

Essential Skills

They should have strong communication skills so that he/she is able to maintain and manage potential customers. He/she should possess excellent leadership and supervisory skills. He/she should be able to work independently as well as should be comfortable to work in coordination with the other team members. He/she should be flexible and adaptable to different changes and should have multi tasking ability too. He/she should be able to identify the issues and resolve them strategically.

Educational Background

A bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college in the relevant field is the most basic educational requirement to make an entry as a field service supervisor. Previous experience in a supervisory position and some additional qualification will definitely prove to be an advantage.

Work Schedule

They does not have a fixed schedule. He/she may be required to work for long hours whenever he/she has meetings, participates in orientation programs, or needs to meet some potential clients at the scheduled appointments. Occasionally, he/she may be required to work on the weekends or holidays. As he/she needs to travel frequently, his/she work schedule may sometimes be hectic.

Salary Details

The median salary for a field service supervisor is $62,000. The inexperienced candidates can get a minimum salary package of $40,000 whereas those with previous supervisory experience can get a better salary package up to the range of $86,000.

Career Prospects

If you are really aspiring to go to higher supervisory or managerial positions, this is surely the first little step towards it. If you are able to demonstrate your abilities skillfully, there is no stopping back, and you will definitely climb up the ladder of success.

Thus, it is essential that you shoulder the field service supervisor responsibilities successfully, so that you career prospects are really bright and will help you in developing professionally and personally.

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