Application Support Specialist Responsibilities

The application support specialist responsibilities include providing necessary technical support relating to various applications, system-level software, compilers, and other general computing applications.

They are responsible for any malfunctioning of applications or software systems and analyzing necessary software requirements. The application support specialists are generally employed in different industries such as information technology, medical, military, aerospace, communications, business, scientific, etc., and are considered a part of software development or system software field.

The application support specialists also participate in the research and system application needs to visualize any problems for users. They also provide assistance to the customers or clients regarding the use of various software applications.

They are also involved in modifying current software and correcting errors which may then help in adapting new hardware and upgrading interfaces.The application support specialists also plan changes in the existing system and suggest the installation of the new system.

The application support field is a good career option to start your career with. Each and every industry requires an application support specialist for a smooth functioning of their application software and hardware.

To start your career in this field, you must be aware of the basic educational criteria, skills required, and job responsibilities to be undertaken by an application support specialist.

The below given information about the educational qualification, key skills, job responsibilities, and salary of an application support specialist will help you in planning your career in this field.

Educational Qualification

To start your career as an application support specialist, a candidate must at least possess an bachelor's degree in computer science along with a professional experience of application support job. Many organizations and industries, however, prefer candidates with a master's degree or degree in any of the following courses:

Key Skills

Expert knowledge about computer applications and computer hardware are the basic skills required in an application support specialist. Along with these skills, the specialist must also possess some of the following key skills:

Job Responsibilities of Application Support Specialist

The major job responsibility of an application support specialist is to provide necessary support in the current working applications or other system errors. However, he is also responsible for carrying out the following responsibilities:


The job of an application support specialist is a highly responsible one and the candidates applying for this job are paid handsomely. According to various surveys, the average annual salary of an applications support specialist is in the range of $60,000 to $98,000. However, the mentioned salary may vary according to the candidate's educational qualifications, experience in the field of support specialist, and the industry he is working in.

The above mentioned information about the application support specialist responsibilities will help you to gain adequate knowledge about this field. The educational qualifications, key skills, and salary of an application support specialist will further help you to plan your career in this field.

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