Apartment Maintenance Technician Responsibilities

Implementation of apartment maintenance technician responsibilities helps in maintaining and restoring the condition of the apartment by conducting periodic servicing and repairing. Further, it helps in raising the value of the property for the owners and ensures a secure, comfortable, and safe environment for the residents.

Key Responsibilities of an Apartment Maintenance Technician

Apartment maintenance technicians are responsible for repairing and day to day maintenance of the apartment buildings. Here is a detailed description of the key responsibilities that are handled by an apartment maintenance technician:

  1. To work and interact with the residents to identify, diagnose, repair, and resolve the issues related electrical, plumbing, A/C and heating systems, appliances, stairs, railings, gas fixtures, carpet, tiles, flooring, etc.
  2. To gather complete information about the community and design action plans to correct the unsafe conditions like open holes, broken glasses or gates, broken lights, etc., and immediately assign the work to the ready staff to ensure completion of work on time. To ensure safety by checking that security systems like automatic doors, surveillance cameras are functioning well
  3. To schedule preventive maintenance programs on all the equipments and ensure that they are in good condition
  4. To perform all the relevant safety and cleaning procedures and help in moving and transferring the unwanted appliances, furniture, etc., to dumpster
  5. To check whether the storage areas are secured and appropriately locked and to change the locks and provide the keys whenever required to the new tenants
  6. To report to the senior person about various needs that may be required, to perform major repairs, and to provide him details regarding the stock of available supplies and spare parts

Removal of snow and garbage, maintaining the grounds clean, neat and free of litter by sweeping, shoveling, raking, cleaning the lobbies, parking areas, painting, and performing housekeeping activities are some of the other tasks. They also maintain and update the service records and try to keep a follow up on the unsolved queries of the residents.

They ensure that the tenants are given keys and guide them on the rules and regulations that need to be followed. An in-depth knowledge and compliance of policies and procedures is expected. To ensure that the work should be completed on time, they need to prioritize their workload and ensure that it is cost effective. They are involved in cleaning of pools and home maintenance tasks as well.

Essential Skills

To ensure success as an apartment maintenance technician, you should be totally customer focused and should be service oriented. An inclination and passion for cleanliness, safety, and a desire to help the people and guide them on ensuring safety measures would prove to be of great help. Should be able to understand the problems faced by the residents and resolve them in a timely manner. A relevant knowledge in repairing and maintenance is desired. Should be proficient in handling computers.

Educational Requirements

A high school diploma or a vocational course with relevant license and certification are desired. A successful track record of demonstrated experience will prove to be of great help.

Work Hours

Generally, an apartment maintenance technician works for thirty five to forty hours per week. However, they may be needed to work on weekends if circumstances warrant, especially in emergency situations.

Salary Details

The hourly wages are $13 to $17 depending on the relevant work experience.

Career Prospects

With the growing population, the number of apartments is definitely going to rise and so will be the need for skilled people. The career prospects are really bright for those aspiring to make a career as an apartment maintenance technician. With experience, you can be promoted to the senior or supervisory positions.

Thus, if you have a passion for cleanliness and love to help people, you can definitely take up this career. By now, you are well-acquainted with the job profile, skills, educational background, and apartment maintenance technician responsibilities essential to make it a huge success.

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