Audio Video Technician Responsibilities

Audio video technician forms an integral part of our routine with the latest fast changing trends in the field of technology. Audio video technician responsibilities include repairing and maintaining various audio visual equipments. He may also be involved in recording, mixing, and editing for various television, radio, or audio programs.

Key Responsibilities of Audio Video Technician

Audio video technicians play a crucial role by applying their technical expertise and experience, especially when there are special concerts or events. They are responsible for setting up of several audio video equipments, so that there are no interruptions during the program. Here are some general responsibilities that need to be carried out by them:

  1. To design and program touch panels for systems related to audio video
  2. To set up, control, and manage the operation of the audio video equipments
  3. To be involved in editing, recording, and reproducing the equipments to ensure proper sound input or feed from the old recorded materials
  4. To ensure smooth operation and preparation of videotape recording and its playback equipment, so that proper recording of various live concerts, programs, etc., takes place. This will then will be helpful in the post production work, like editing procedures
  5. They are also responsible for creating the titles of programs, subtitles, graphic environment, animation for various programs, etc., by operating the electronic equipments
  6. They are involved in the mixing of music and sound at various live concerts and also ensure effective operation of dubbing equipments to playback the music and sound tracks, dialogues which are edited, and synchronize them in the motion film

Audio Video technicians also need to supervise a team of audio video technicians by delegating the appropriate work load and ensuring that each one of them functions properly. They maintain and utilize the service contracts for the audio video equipments, ensure their proper cleaning, repairing, and up-gradation if necessary. They periodically perform tests on these equipments to check and determine their operational functioning. They maintain the records of the inventory parts and make relevant reports. These technicians are involved in operating the spotlights, adjusting the amplifiers, and providing the necessary technical support during various live events or concerts. They also diagnose, identify, and resolve the technical issues. They ensure that quality is maintained and guide the team members by conducting training sessions.

Essential Skills

The most essential skill is a passion, deep understanding, and knowledge of the principles, practices, terminology, and tools used in the maintenance and repair of audio video equipments. The audio video techician should have an aptitude for electrical, electronic, and mechanical equipments and demonstrate a good manual dexterity. He should have good monitoring skills to ensure that all the equipments are operating properly. He should be able to identify the defects in the machinery and take appropriate decisions to resolve them. He should possess good communication skills, be comfortable to work under pressure, and must be creative.

Educational Requirements

An individual possessing a high school diploma or a college program in audio video recording or engineering technology is the minimum educational requirement. New entrants in this industry can get hands on experience in the relevant field by working in television networks, radio stations, multimedia organizations, video production houses, and editing organizations.

Salary Details

The salary normally commensurate with the academic background and relevant work experience. According to the BLS report, it generally falls in the range of $21,000 to $66,000.

Career Prospects

The career prospects are really bright for those individuals planning to take up a career in this field. The demand is definitely going to increase in the coming years. Career advancement opportunities exist in the form of directors, editors, and in other relevant areas like maintenance, repairing, etc. For this, he should keep himself updated with the latest developments taking place in the world of technology.

Thus, you are now well-acquainted with the audio video technician responsibilities, which you will need to shoulder whenever you take up a job in this field.

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