Audio Visual Technician Responsibilities

Audio visual media has gained much importance in today's world. It has almost become an essential part of our daily lives. It is used in varied fields like business presentations, education, conferences, seminars, live events, concerts, etc. To ensure that the program runs smoothly, it is essential that the technicians working behind the curtains, i.e. the audio visual technician responsibilities should be executed properly.

Key Responsibilities of an Audio Visual Technician

The general responsibility of an audio visual technician is to set up, operate, maintain, and repair the audio visual equipments and materials. He also places the requirements and ensures that the materials are delivered appropriately. He coordinates and follow-ups with different departments to assure the client that there are no faults left behind. Here is a list of responsibilities that need to be carried out by an audio visual technician:

  1. To develop, operate, and set up different audio visual equipments like projectors, cameras, monitors, slides, microphones, speakers, etc., and to make sure that they are appropriately connected by cables and wires. They need to take care of associated operational light and sound system required at that particular event, conference, or presentation
  2. They ensure that the audio visual equipments are maintained and cleaned at regular intervals, so that they function smoothly whenever there is a requirement. He also maintains the computer related hardware and software
  3. They are responsible for the installation of the audio visual equipments and see that they are operating appropriately
  4. They coordinate with the other members of the audio visual team and supervise them by assigning minor tasks to them
  5. If a particular audio visual equipment is not functioning properly, they investigate it and identify the faults associated with it. Then they are responsible for repairing those faults, so that it operates normally. If they are unable to resolve it, they direct it to the senior member
  6. They maintain and track all the records related to the orders, supplies, payments, and repairs of the audio visual equipments

In addition to the above responsibilities, they perform a number of other tasks as well. They are also responsible for training the new members. They should keep abreast with the latest developments that are taking place in the audio visual field. They should continually try to increase their audio video knowledge and skills. They maintain professional healthy working relationships with the clients that will help in developing the organization's positive image. This in turn will help to broaden the horizons of the organization. To ensure that proper payments are issued to the vendors and accurate payments are made by the clients.

Essential Skills

The most essential skill of an audio visual technician is that he should have a passion and interest in handling various electrical and electronic equipments. They should be enthusiastic, self-motivated, and should be flexible to work at odd hours. Strong communication skills are required to be able to interact with the clients and team members. They should have an eye for detail to be able to identify the faults or defects in the audio visual equipments. It is expected that they have thorough knowledge of repairing and maintenance of the audio visual equipments and materials. They should have multitasking ability and should be able to work under pressure and meet the deadlines.

Educational Requirements

To qualify as an audio visual technician, you need to have a minimum bachelor's degree in digital media, communication, multimedia technology, or journalism. However, some organizations may prefer to take even high school diploma holders. Some may prefer to give on the job training as well. A relevant experience in a similar profile would only assist in getting the job easier.

Work Hours

The work hours normally do not extend beyond thirty five to forty hours per week. However, he may need to extend his work schedule in case whenever there is any business presentation, conference, or live event.

Career Prospects

There are ample number of opportunities available for the audio visual technician and the growth is expected to rise by 11 to 13 percent in the coming years. Those with additional training and relevant experience definitely have more advancement opportunities.

Thus, to ensure a success, it is crucial that the audio visual technician responsibilities should be carried out effectively and efficiently.

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