AV Equipment Technician Responsibilities

AV equipment technicians have gained great significance in the recent times, especially with number of live shows, concerts, business presentations, and live events that need to covered. AV equipment technician responsibilities comprise setting up, operating, maintaining, and repairing of different types of audio visual equipments like monitors, video recorders, cameras, lights, microphones, projectors, etc. Thus, they play an important role in ensuring the success of any program, presentation, or event.

Key Responsibilities of an AV Equipment Technician

AV equipment technicians need to handle some key responsibilities related to setting up and arrangement of various technological equipments like the cameras, projectors, speakers, recording, editing, and ensuring appropriate connections after the AV equipments have been installed. Here is a detailed description of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an AV equipment technician:

  1. To install the audio-visual equipments as per the requirement of the event

  2. To make sure that all the connections are appropriate by checking various cables and wires involved

  3. To identify if there are any defects in the existing audio-visual system and troubleshoot the same. If unable to detect the solution, escalate it to the senior authority for resolution

  4. To keep a track on the latest developments happening in the industry and make the necessary upgradations in the existing equipments or request for new equipments that will increase the quality and efficiency of work

  5. To maintain and clean the audio-visual equipments regularly, so that there are minimum defects

  6. To supervise the team of audio video technicians and provide the necessary training related to maintenance, servicing, and repair of audio video equipments. The training material can be prepared by the technicians as well

One of the essential duties of the AV equipment technicians is to maintain quality by mixing the sound inputs and coordinate it with the motion picture. They also assist in maintaining the records of the parts of inventory, updating the service records, preparing requisitions for audio video equipments and materials, and checking for their supplies. They are also involved in ensuring that accurate invoices are issued to the clients and that all the payments to the vendors are done on time.

Essential Skills

AV technicians should be experts in handling, setting up, repairing, installing, and maintaining various equipments. A good eye and hand coordination with good manual dexterity is necessary. They should be detail oriented and be able to identify the defects. Strong communication and creative skills, excellent troubleshooting skills, and ability to work under pressure are some of the traits that are essential. While repairing, they should be aware of health and safety measures that need to be taken in order to prevent injuries.

Educational Requirements

There is no specific qualification as such required to make an entry in this field. Most employers, however, prefer to have some kind of experience in this field. An apprenticeship would prove to be helpful. Before you take up a job, a college course related to the AV work like photography, digital or multimedia technology, electronics or sound technology, etc., would definitely prove to be beneficial.

Work Hours

Typically, an AV technician would work for not more than thirty five to forty hours per week. The work hours get extended if any event, conference, or live concert needs to be covered. Freelancing and part time positions are also available.

Salary Details

An approximate job growth of twenty one to twenty four percent is expected in the coming years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The salary depends on the hands on experience, additional training, certification, and the academic background of the candidate. It normally ranges from $39,000 to $43,000 depending on the size and type of organization they are employed in.

Career Prospects

There is a growing demand for the AV technicians. They can be promoted to senior positions or can take up the management of different projects, where they will need to design the AV equipments and systems to meet the client's needs.

Thus, if you have the passion for different audio video equipments and materials and want to establish yourself in this field, you should make sure that you carry out the AV equipment technician responsibilities efficiently.

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