Aviation Maintenance Technician Responsibilities

Every time you see an aircraft in the sky, you always think it is the pilot who is responsible for a safe flight. However, before and after an aircraft flies, it is examined by an aviation maintenance technician who is qualified for repairing, hauling and servicing various types of aircrafts. The maintenance of commercial and navy aircrafts is assigned to these technicians.

An aircraft is made up of several parts that are again made up of different components; each part performing a specific function just like the organs do in a living body. An aviation maintenance technician inspects all these parts in an aircraft and repairs or replaces any faulty parts that might interrupt the functioning of the aircraft during a flight.

An aviation maintenance technician is responsible for communicating with the pilots. This helps him to find out any faults in systems that might not be visible on surface. He has to use various tools and equipments to fix the problems in aircraft parts and systems. An aviation maintenance technician has to follow the regulations laid by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

An aviation maintenance technician performs the following duties on a regular basis:


An aviation maintenance technician inspects the parts of an aircraft and finds out any faults in the functioning or appearance of all the parts. This process is performed before and after a flight or after lapse of a certain period, as the case may be.


Aviation maintenance technician repairs the faulty parts, electrical systems, replaces broken wires, tightens loose wires, and other parts or systems.


Aviation maintenance technician provides maintenance services and overhauls parts and systems of the aircraft.

Updating Current Parts and Systems

The aviation maintenance technician updates the parts and systems of an aircraft to increase its safety and efficiency on a regular basis.

Skills of an Aviation Maintenance Technician

To work in this position, you need to be passionate for mechanical systems. You should be prepared to work in rotational and irregular shifts. You also need to be physically and mentally active and attentive to details to ensure that any faults are not missed out. You should have an approach for continuous learning to stay updated with the latest equipments and systems used in aircrafts and in aircraft maintenance. You are also required to work under the most extreme climatic conditions both outdoors and in enclosed spaces such as hangars.

Becoming an Aviation Maintenance Technician

Federal Aviation Administration offers certificate course for this job which takes anywhere from eighteen to thirty months for completion. Students are trained to use the tools and equipments for aircraft maintenance. A combined certificate for Airframe and Power plant maintenance is also offered. Aviation maintenance technicians have to take a refresher course after every two years.

For both the courses, previous work experience is required of working either for a commercial airline or for military aircraft maintenance. Individuals studying this course can opt to work for different types and parts of aircrafts or choose a specific section of aviation maintenance such as engine, propeller systems, or gauges.

Career Scope for Aviation Maintenance Technician

Average salary for an aviation maintenance technician is around $55,000. It will vary depending on the type of aircraft you are required to maintain and repair. Other benefits such as travel allowance, health insurance, and other add ons vary with every organization.

Working in aviation industry is very challenging and rewarding at the same time. Individuals working in this position can expect a bright future and promotion along with attractive salary and benefits.

You must have realized that responsibilities of an aviation maintenance technician are very diverse. You are advised to research thoroughly for the job prospects in the areas near to your home and also for reputed airways companies before opting for a course.

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