Engineering Technician IV Responsibilities

Engineering technicians are professionals who are specialized and well trained in the techniques and skills related to a particular branch or sector of engineering with required practical knowledge about general concepts of engineering. In general, engineering technicians assist the technologists and senior engineers in research, development and projects. Providing technical support and resolving technical issues are one the prime engineering technician IV responsibilities. They set up and design equipments, perform experiments, collect data and calculate results. They can also assist in designing and building up new equipments.

Engineering technician IV examines products, collects data, does tests and works in quality control. They assist in designing and developing new products. They have to be competent enough to develop new and effectual strategies. This job profile is available in a multiple fields such as software design, development, repair, etc. Some engineers may work in technical and engineering drawings.

Roles, Duties and Responsibilities of Engineering Technician IV

Engineering technician IV responsibilities vary with each sector. Work nature of an engineering technician IV is based on the company. They may have to perform the following tasks and duties:


Engineer technicians IV should be competent in using drafting instruments. They must have considerable knowledge of sensitive equipment testing. They should also have the ability to collect the data and perform operations in microcomputers.

What is the Required Knowledge and Ability?

Engineer technician IV should posses the following abilities and skills:

Drafting: Experience of drafting techniques, strategies and procedures along with designing. Being proficient in using trigonometry, geometry, algebra and demonstrating ability to apply and interpret specifications, design standards, providing oral and written instructions during drafting and designing process, reading and interpreting the data of survey, performing advanced mathematical calculations, etc.

Planning: Ability to analyze, present and compile assortment engineering data and demonstrate it logically by using proportional diagrams, maps, charts and programmatic illustrations; to read and interpret specifications and construction plans, to communicate effectually through writing and orally, to read and perform mathematical computations, to interpret procedures, policies, technical documents, etc. They should have considerable knowledge of collection of transportation data, analyzing procedures and techniques as well as traffic engineering principles by using mathematics.

Survey: Demonstrated potential to interpret and read aerial photographs, construction plan drawings, survey data and contour maps, to provide guidance and train other staff, carry out advanced mathematical calculations, research courthouse records, maintain complete and accurate records, ability to work on field in adverse weather, enough knowledge of surveying instruments and equipment, and highway surveying procedures and practices. They should have considerable knowledge of global positioning systems, electronic data collection systems, personal computers and programmable calculators.

What is the Required Educational Qualification?

To become an engineering technician IV, a person needs to undergo technical engineering training, which is provided through the undergraduate courses in engendering and science. Usually, these courses are not offered by the University institutions that have 4-year programs, instead these degrees are provided by the universities and non-university institutions. These higher education institutions are technical institutes, technical colleges, community colleges and industrial schools. There are many 3 and 4-year degree courses in engineering technology offered by various colleges and universities, but graduates with these programs are hired as applied engineering assistants or technologists after further studies.

The basic engineering technician IV responsibilities are more or less similar in every job field. These experts play a vital role in the functioning of various engineering projects and hence they need to be well trained and experienced.

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