Facilities Technician Job Description

Organizations that have more than one facility in a given region have to pay attention towards the functioning of each facility. Any minor error in the systems and equipment can lead to delay in the usual operations. It may also result in huge financial losses to the organization. To avoid such a situation, every organization appoints a facilities technician and assign him a wide range of responsibilities to keep the facility running in good condition.

A facilities technician is responsible for scheduling the repair and maintenance at all the facilities of an organization. He conducts regular tests to identify any irregularity in the electrical systems, machines, furniture, or other materials that are important for the functioning of the facility. He also purchases and maintains stocks for tube lights, bulbs, switches, electric cables, computer hardware, taps, stationary, or any other requirements.

The facilities technician also supervises the housekeeping staff and ensures that the facility is a clean and hygienic place to work in. He ensures that the necessary supplies for cleaning and maintenance are maintained. He also appoints the agency that provides housekeeping staff and checks the quality of work they do before appointing them.

The safety and security of the facilities is another responsibility of the facilities technician. He coordinates with the staff involved in the development of safety standards. He conducts tests to ensure that the safety systems, alarms, etc., are working. He has to research about new tools and systems and purchase the same to enhance safety and security for the facility.

More information about the facilities technician responsibilities is provided below under different categories.

Facilities Technician Responsibilities


The facilities technician is responsible for developing the budget and allocating funds to the concerned departments and staff.

Safety of Staff and Facility

Ensuring the safety of the staff and the facility is a primary responsibility of the facilities technician. He has to keep a track of the functioning of safety equipment and security measures adapted in the facility. He reports any error in the systems to the concerned staff and gets it repaired.

Cleanliness of the Facility

The facilities technician is in-charge of supervising the housekeeping staff and ensure that a clean and hygienic environment is maintained in the cabins, hallway, reception, warehouse, and in all other parts. He has to instruct the cleaning staff to follow a specific schedule to carry out the cleaning tasks.

Purchase of Materials and Equipment

The facilities technician is assigned with the responsibility of purchasing housekeeping materials, stationary, ready-made snacks, furniture, and other requirements deemed necessary for the facility.

Make Arrangements for Official Events

The facilities technician has to make necessary arrangements for the official events conducted in the premises of the office or any other venue. He has to coordinate with the event organizers, caterers, event artists, etc. He places orders to the vendors, makes payments, and performs all other tasks necessary for smooth execution of the event.

Supervise Construction and Renovation

The facilities technician is required to supervise the construction of new facility or renovation of an existing facility.

Skills of a Facilities Technician

To work as a facilities technician, a person is required to:

Becoming a Facilities Technician

The educational requirements for a facilities technician may differ with every organization. Some organizations may prefer to hire individuals with a master's degree in project management and related experience, while others may even hire individuals with an associate degree and with little or no experience. It all depends on how you represent yourself and how the recruiter perceives you for this job.

Career Scope for a Facilities Technician

A facilities technician can earn around $43,000 annually. Apart from salary, he is entitled to a number of allowances and benefits that include travel allowance, 401k insurance, performance incentives, annual bonuses, etc.

The facilities technician performs responsibilities that contribute in the efficient functioning of a facility.

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