Field Service Technician Responsibilities

A field service technician is a professional who conducts field site visits to solve the technical issues that are being faced by the clients or an organization. Field service technician responsibilities mostly comprise assessing, testing, repairing, installing, or replacing work, so that the equipment operates smoothly. While doing these duties, he/she makes sure that all the safety rules and regulations have been followed as per the company's policies. He/she also ensures quality services so that the clients remain satisfied.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Service Technician

A field service technician is usually associated with the repairing and installation of various equipment or machinery that cannot be easily transported because of some technical constraints or for any other reason. He/she provides on site technical support to ensure continuous improvisation in product development. He/she guides the customers on the repairing and replacement options and the relevant costs of the parts that need to be replaced. He/she serves as an important interlink between the potential clients and the company staff members. Here is a brief description of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by a field service technician in an electrical or electronics field:

  1. To install the electronic or electrical equipment as per the request made by the clients.
  2. To ensure that the installation is done after proper consultation with the clients, and that it is carried out as per the given specifications.
  3. To make sure that the equipment is installed after studying the relevant material like manuals, brochures, etc., properly.
  4. After installation procedures have been completed, he/she makes sure that the equipment is functioning properly, and that there are no discrepancies involved in it.
  5. To analyze the problems and make sure that they are resolved immediately and to re-test the equipment to check whether it is operating properly.
  6. To instruct and train the clients on how to operate the equipment or machinery effectively

When the field service technician is on the field, he/she constantly monitors the functioning of the relevant equipment, so that it is easier for him/her to diagnose the system failures and troubleshoot them and repair it on the spot. He/she schedules the maintenance and repairing work and makes sure that all the problems and their relevant solutions have been properly documented. He/she is also responsible for providing technical training to the customers and explaining the basic functionality procedures. He/she works in close association with the staff members to ensure proper work flow management and that all the safety practices, rules, and procedures of the organization are being followed. He/she performs various tests on the equipment that has been repaired to check whether it is as per the expected quality standards.

Essential Skills

A field service technician should be able to interact well with the customers. He/she should be able to satisfy the client by delivering quality services. He/she should be able to identify problems and should be able to resolve it too. He/she should be proficient in computers as he/she needs to document all the related discrepancies and their relevant solutions. He/she should be ready to travel long distances even in emergency situations. He/she should be able to advise and provide training or guide the clients on how to operate the system. Excellent time management and organization skills will be of great help as well. He/she must be able to manage his/her work independently with minimum supervision and should have technical aptitude too.

Educational Background

The basic educational requirement to be eligible for the post of a field service technician is a high school diploma for low level technical servicing jobs. However, those with a bachelor's degree in technical areas like electrical, mechanical, or electronic engineer would definitely get an edge while getting selected for such type of jobs. Those with higher qualifications will have better chances for promotion.

Work Schedule

Being a field service technician can be a hectic job as one needs to travel continuously to conduct field visits. There is no fixed work schedule. In fact, he/she needs to plan and prioritize his/her work according to the client's requests. He/she normally works Monday through Friday and may need to work even on weekends or holidays.

Salary Details

The average hourly salary for a field service technician who has no experience is $16 to $22. The average annual salary for the experienced candidates normally varies in the range of $46,000 to $75,000. Previous work experience, skills, and educational background are the vital factors that will determine the final salary package for any candidate.

Career Prospects

The career prospects are really bright for those aspiring to stabilize and make a career in the service industry. The job opportunities are better for those individuals specializing in industrial equipment, commercial machinery, etc.

Thus, an individual who handles the field service technician responsibilities successfully will surely be promoted to higher positions. This will not only help him/her in developing professionally, but also help in getting a lucrative salary package.

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