Hardware Technician Responsibilities

The hardware technician responsibilities, duties, roles and functions include executing the tasks of a hardware specialist or a computer technician. He/she is one of the highly demanded specialists and experts in today's era of computer guided technology and computer hardware and network systems. A hardware technician deals with experimenting, connecting and upholding hardware and information technology systems.

He/she also runs computer hardware systems and web connective programs in order to rule out system malformations, shortcomings and other problematic issues troubling the same. He/she indulges and deals with information technology safety issues, makes a careful observation of software systems and programs and mends various computer components. A hardware technician, basically executes all the duties and functions of a hardware and computer trouble detector and plays multiple roles simultaneously.

The hardware technician key responsibilities are listed below:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A candidate who wants to be a hardware technician can get a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field. During this course, he/she should major in hardware and networking. He/she should have the bachelor's degree from a recognized college or university. He/she should have passed the degree with first class. A master's degree would usually prepare him/her to handle higher job responsibilities and positions. A hardware technician should possess good hardware as well as software skills and fundamentals. He/she should be an expert with connecting and repairing hardware computer systems and components. Having good interaction and special skills is a must.

Working Conditions

A hardware technician works in an office or at homes of clients wherein he/she installs and repairs the hardware network connections. He/she generally works for around five days in a single week and for about nine hours in a day. Thus, he/she works for about 45 hours or more in a week. He/she is engulfed with computer hardware computer systems and their elements and works in a busy and cooperative environment. He/she also needs to lift heavy hardware systems and components and transport them from one place to another.


A hardware technician grosses a salary of around USD 60, 000 per annum on a normal basis. His/her salary is dependent on the number of years of expertise in a similar company and his/her qualifications and skills.

Thus, the hardware technician responsibilities include making, installing and repairing hardware computer systems and their components, ensuring their effective operations and making sure that they function with accordance to the standard regulations, modulations and policies of the entire system and the company.

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