Information Services Technician Responsibilities

If you face any problem with the system, who is the first person that you need to contact? Right, it is definitely the information services technician. The information services technician responsibilities comprise installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software to ensure that all the networking systems are up to date. He/she is also responsible for recommending changes that would help in ensuring better efficiency and ensuring that the technology remains updated with the latest technological resources. Thus, the information services technician plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of the organization.

Key Responsibilities of an Information Services Technician

The information services technician develops, installs, and monitors the computer network as well as the internet operations to ensure that all the technical specifications have been met and that if there are any issues, they have been addressed promptly by providing immediate technical support. To better understand the role of an information services technician, here are a few points that will help you in getting a clear picture:

  1. To assess if there are any issues or malfunctions with the network hardware or any other software related application and to design and determine ways to maintain the smooth operation of the relevant networking systems.
  2. To develop and maintain the database that includes the testing, analyzing details of the network applications and documenting it, so that it can be utilized effectively.
  3. To upgrade and maintain the system to meet and keep abreast with the technological development.
  4. To develop and design user guides that will help in effective management of the routine troubleshooting issues and help in maintenance, thereby ensuring in minimizing the expenses incurred on the maintenance of the systems.
  5. To provide orientation to the newly appointed staff members and train them about the potential uses of existing technology.
  6. To monitor and advise the staff on security breach and to make recommendations to purchase the latest and current technological resources.

In addition to the above responsibilities, the information services technician maintains current and accurate inventory of all the relevant technological hardware, software and other resources. He/she should be updated with the existing networking system and be familiar with all hardware and software. Before disposing the hardware, he/she ensures that it is stripped properly and is involved in installation of lock out procedures and programs. He/she transports the computers and associated equipment to ensure that the required resources are available. He/she constantly monitors the servers, websites, hardware, and other supporting systems like routers, firewalls, proxies, etc., to ensure that they are being used effectively. He/she may also be involved in monitoring the expenses and ensuring that they do not exceed the given budget standards. In short, he/she is engaged in installing and maintaining the hardware and software, troubleshooting the issues, providing training, consultation, and recommending the resources for future up gradation and development.

Essential Skills

To be a successful information services technician, an individual should have good analytical and problem solving skills. He/she should demonstrate strong work ethics, time management and team building skills and should be able to make sound decision based on the relevant situations. He/she should possess effective listening, presentation, and verbal communication skills and should be comfortable working in a team environment. Effective stress management skills would also prove to be beneficial. Apart from these, he/she should be well-equipped with computer hardware, software, network administration and installation skills.

Educational Background

A high school diploma or any other information services related equivalent qualification or a bachelor's degree in the relevant field like information technology, etc., from an accredited university would be a plus. Additional qualification combined with experience will be an advantage while applying for the higher posts.

Work Schedule

The information services technician needs to do a lot of physical work requiring him/her to lift and carry various equipment. He/she may need to work in hazardous work conditions. His/her work schedule normally lasts up to forty five hours per week, and he/she may need to work over time in case some work needs to be done urgently.

Salary Details

The average salary earned by an information services technician is $45,000. However, it can vary greatly depending upon the location of the organization, its size, type, and the relevant qualifications and experience that an individual has in that particular field.

Career Prospects

As most of the vital information of the organization is stored in computers, the demand for information services technicians is definitely going to increase in the coming years. There are ample opportunities for advancement if you have the right kind of educational background, skills, and experience in the relevant field.

Thus, to be a successful information services technician, you need to be backed with the right kind of skills, educational background, and experience in the relevant field of information services.

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