Information Systems Technician Responsibilities

The information systems technician responsibilities include executing the roles and duties of an information technologist or a computer systems technician. He/she upholds the web and interaction systems of a company in one or more than one place. He/she is also held accountable for the accessiblilty and usability of the company's computer and electronic information. He/she maintains the protection and privacy of the entire data, related to the company. An information systems technician may work for a company or a trade that backs-up customer companies.

He/she also mends and takes care of information technology equipment and components. His/her responsibilities and duties include initiating and designing networks and other hardware and electronic components. He/she configures and upholds hardware and software applications, systems and programs. He/she also handles the information bases of the company and backs up other systems in the same. He/she trains his/her associates and backs them up in times of crisis and issues. He/she needs to report to the system administrator and inform him/her about the whereabouts of the systems and the company.

The information systems technician key responsibilities are listed below:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A person who wants to do the job of an information systems technician needs to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or any other related field. He/she can also get such a job by completing a master's in business administration wherein he/she specializes in systems and IT. He/she needs to have some years of experience in other facets of computer management or a related field. Apart from this, he/she needs to have the required certificates that prove that he/she is experienced and has worked in a compnay earlier. He/she must be a proficient troubleshooter and should have good communication and technical skills. He/she should be able to adapt to all kinds of working conditions and should be intelligent. He/she works in places where things are generally de-arranged and dis-organized. He/she should also have the patience to put things into order and repair computer software and hardware components and parts.

Working Conditions

An information systems technician works in an environment that consists of repairs and running programs, wherein he/she works for about six days a week and nine hours a day.


The information systems technician earns about USD 61, 566 per year on an average.

Thus, the information systems technician responsibilities and duties include repairing computer parts, troubleshooting the systems and installing the computers.

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