Instrument Technician Responsibilities

Working with manufacturing and electronic testing equipment throughout the daily work routine, the instrument technician carries out specific tasks such as adjusting and inspecting pneumatic and mechanical systems as well as instruments. He/she is also responsible for recording instruments and maintaining the metering. During average working hours, the instrument technician has to carry out multiple tasks and one of them is to test the degree of accuracy of various forms of measurement variables such as temperature indicators, flow meters, radiation counters and pressure gauges. Using certain testing tools like signal generators, potentiometers and mercury manometers detecting the damaged parts of pressure gauges and other production units as well as replacing these parts as per the requirement are some of the essential instrument engineer responsibilities.

When any modifications or repairs are made in the recording instruments or in the control panel of the manufacturing unit, this technician creates a schematic drawing of the replaced or repaired section of the unit. He/she documents a detail report that explains the reason for the repair and replacement of particular parts of the instrument and also records the details of the calibrations to various equipment the technician has worked on.

What is the Role of an Instrument Technician?

An instrument technician's tasks are extensive as he/she has to work with a variety of electronic, microcomputer and pneumatic instruments that are utilized to control and measure variables such as motion, temperature, pressure, level, flow, chemical composition and force.

Marginal Functions

Primary Tasks

Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

Although high school diploma is typically significant for building a career in instrument technology, secondary courses in relevant technological field can help the aspiring technician to progress in his/her career. Students pursuing high school education can prefer to take all available courses like biology, chemistry, computer technology, physics or mechanical drafting. Some employers may ask for candidates with associate's degree in instrument technology. There are certain degree programs in instrument technology which provide students with a full knowledge on installation, set up, calibration, repair, replacement and maintenance of all automated equipment.


Instrument technicians must posses the following characteristics:


Performing instrument technician responsibilities require updated technical knowledge of all electrical as well as electronic devices used in various industries.

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