Unit Clerk Job Description

The unit clerk job description requires them to provide clerical support to nursing units. They handle all the paperwork in the nursing unit. Their help is required because there is a lot of paperwork and all of it is quite important. Therefore, proper clerks are hired by hospitals to look after the nursing units.

The unit clerks though are not connected to the patients or even medicine in anyway. Still, a certain bit of medical knowledge is expected from them. They get to read all the patients' files and have to make soft copies of each file, for that, they should understand some basic medical terminology. Also, since they have access to all patients' files, they have to maintain confidentiality about each patient.

Unit clerks have to study all the nursing charts and make separate file from them for the hospital records. They have to take down all the information that the nurses have recorded of each patient. The clerks then have to file this information as it then goes into the patient's permanent record. Therefore, whenever that same patient returns to the hospital, they have their records and know the kind of problems they face.

Unit clerks also generate all the other paperwork that is required in the hospital. They make the discharge papers, the insurance papers and other billing papers. One copy of these papers is given to the patient for the record's sake and the other copy remains with the hospital. The Unit clerk job description needs them to have some basic mathematical skills as they have to handle billing.

The unit clerks have to double check all the papers they generate. Any clerical mistakes on their behalf could prove to be costly for the patient and the hospital. Therefore, they should carefully read every report that they are recording. They should also learn the software the hospital uses and follow all the office filing systems.

Unit clerks have to coordinate with the doctors, nurses and other important people in the hospital. They mainly report to the unit administrator and they can approach them if they are facing any problems. The unit clerk job description given below also has the education that is required in this profession.

Duties and Responsibilities in Unit Clerk Job Description

Unit clerks draw a good salary and since this field is related to medicine, they get good benefits from the hospital they work in. The education required to become a unit clerk is not that high. However, they should have knowledge of medical terminology and should be competent with computers.

Education Needed for Becoming a Unit Clerk

Career Advancement

Unit clerks can get promoted to the position of unit administrator. As administrators, they have to supervise one or more nursing units or any other units in the hospital.

The unit clerk job description is to manage all the paperwork in the hospital unit they work. They handle all the communication and files therefore, not much medical knowledge is required from them.

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