Assembly Line Worker Responsibilities

Assembly line workers are usually found in industries where products are manufactured on a large basis on assembly lines. Assembly line worker responsibilities assist in forming a complete product by performing a particular function or a predetermined task repetitively.

Key Responsibilities of an Assembly Line Worker

It is essential to design, plan, and build the assembly line in such a manner that there is no loss or wastage of material without compromising on the quality of product delivered. Care is also taken to ensure that there is no wastage of time as well. The assemblers are required in several industries ranging from automobile, electronics, furniture, electrical, etc. The effective handling of these duties have ensured mass production of different products. Here is a general list of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an assembly line worker:

  1. They are responsible for grasping, understanding, comprehending, and interpreting the schematic diagrams and blueprints
  2. To be able to determine the design and type of the product that needs to produced
  3. To form sub assemblies by installing or connecting different components
  4. To use different types of hand tools and equipment like soldering irons, screw drivers, pliers to cut, shim, trim, and align the products to suit the requirements
  5. To ensure health and safety precautions while handling heavy machinery and instruct the co-workers to follow the guidelines provided by the supervisors
  6. To maintain the quality of the product and report to the supervisor regarding any faulty part or components

The roles vary according to the type of work environment they are employed in. Here are a few examples of the same:

Essential Skills

To be a successful assembly line worker, you need to have at least some of the following essential skills:

  1. Excellent manual dexterity is a must as small parts, components, or machines need to be handled. A good hand and eye coordination is necessary
  2. Should be patient to do one type of job repetitively and continuously for hours together
  3. Should be able to read and understand the given information and follow the instructions given
  4. Should be an excellent team player with good organizational skills
  5. Should be able to work under pressure and have a good physique, as they need to lift heavy components
  6. Should have good arithmetic and strong communication skills

Educational Requirements

Assembly line workers usually need a high school diploma to make an entry. A formal training or certification in a technical field will prove to be of great help. Most of the workers do get on the job training.

Work Hours

Most of the assembly line workers are required to work for forty to forty five hours per week. Some may need to work late in the evenings or even on the weekends.

Salary Details

The salary normally commensurate with the relevant work experience, skills, and educational background. The aircraft assemblers are the highest paid with their salaries ranging in between $35,000 to $45,000. The median yearly salary for assemblers is in the range of $27,000 to $ 45,000 depending on the location and the complexity of the functions that need to be handled by the assemblers.

Career Prospects

The employment growth is expected to grow much slowly. This is because of the latest technical advancements and automation which have led to a decline in the number of workers that are being employed. Those with technical knowledge and expertise definitely have more chances for advancement. Temporary workers have a huge scope in employment service industries.

Thus, assembly line worker responsibilities need to be carried out effectively to ensure the product delivered is high in quality and free of all defects.

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