Assistant Cover Letter

The assistant cover letter is a motivation letter which is also called the letter of introduction. This letter is usually accompanied with another document, called resume. These letters are a way to introduce potential employers and explaining them their suitability for the desired position.

The cover letter is addressed to an individual employer. It introduces the candidate to the employer and also highlights the candidate's achievements that are related to the job position.

In an assistant cover letter, you can include skills like office management, accounting, client relationship development, office administration, team leadership, data accuracy and office programs and procedures.

Your resume may be quite impressive but if your cover letter isn't equally impressive then there is a possibility that no one will read your resume. Hence the cover letter plays an important role to get your dream job.

Some tips to write an effective assistant cover letter are given below:

These are some basic points and tips to write an assistant cover letter. Use them to create a unique cover letter for both executive assistant as well as secretarial jobs.

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