Assistant to the Director Cover Letter

A good and effective cover letter is all about mentioning your skills in brief. The language used in the letter should be simple and perfect enough to catch the attention of the employer. Applying for an assistant to the director requires you to have good project handling tactics and this is what needs to be mentioned in the cover letter. Before you go to the sample for assistant to the director cover letter, it is good to know about the role and job description which will eventually help you write the cover letter.

Job description of an assistant to the director

The assistant to the director is the one who provides administrative support to the executive director and also to the board of directors. The main role of such a person is to plan, research, communicate, manage property, manage bookkeeping and manage recordkeeping. He or she is also responsible to act as the executive director, in the latter's absence.

Writing a cover letter is not that difficult. All you need to know is what to write in it and what are things that the employer should know about you so that he or she thinks that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Given below is an example of a cover letter of assistant to the director.

(Your address with zip code: Contact number: Email id :)


(Recipient's address :)

Dear Mr. /Mrs. ZZZZZ,

The letter is in regard to the assistant director position, listed by your company. I firmly believe that I have managerial as well organizational skills that would be beneficial and a great asset to your company and to any company which includes knowledge learning corporation. (Here you should give the reason of writing the letter and the position you have applied for and source of the job listing.)

(The second paragraph is to include the summary of your work experience.)To summarize, some of the skills and potential that I possess that can useful to a knowledge learning corporation are:

I know how important it is in this industry to have a healthy relationship that leads to a great team that offers support in every possible way. I can work well with a team which will eventually make a huge difference to the corporation.

I would really appreciate if you conduct a meeting where in we can discuss further on my history and qualifications. Please feel free to contact me at (contact details) or email me at (mention here your email id) so as to set up a time which is favorable for both of us. I would also like to thank you for your consideration and time.


(Your name)

Enclosure: resume

This how you can write an assistant to the director cover letter and impress your employer. Finally do not forget to proofread your letter.

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