Activity Aide Cover Letter

If 'how to write an activity aide cover letter' is bothering you, here is your rescue. You just need to be aware of the letter writing basics and nothing else. Because cover letters are no doubt business letters, what you require is just, confidence, a bit of basic research and arranging your main positive points related to the employment.

Coming to the basics of letter writing as I referred, it consists of the skeleton of the cover letter. The activity aide cover letter contains the same things like any other letter, like the headers, date, introduction, body of the letter, conclusion, signature of the applicant and enclosures section. These are explained in the following section. Have a look...

Activity Aide Cover Letter Format

Sender's Details:
Postal Address
E-mail Address
Phone Number

Addressee's Details:
Company Name

Introduction: Introduction referring to how you came to know of the vacancy.

Body of the Letter: Introduction + why you think the employer should hire you.

Conclusion: Thanking the recruiter for sparing his/her time to read your letter.

Activity Aide Cover Letter Example

Brooklyn Romeo
Venice Street, Merchant Lane 7,
Romeo Apartments,
Phone Number - 12345 67890


Rapunzel Elizabeth
HR Manager
State Recruiting Agency,
Portia Street, Mary Lane 8,

Miss. Rapunzel,

Re: Activities Aide's Post

This is regarding the vacancy of an Activities Aide's post that my friend and one of your current employees, Miss. Kimberly Patterson, told me, in State Recruiting Agency. I have worked with Mr. XYZ, Miss. ABC and Mr. CBZ for a span of eight years in all. Needless to say about what kind of work they are involved in, I am directly stating that I have learnt a lot and am still very keen on learning more. My resume attached herewith will speak for itself about my initiative, managing and planning skills. I plan to meet you on the coming Monday if that is convenient for you. You can contact me on the phone number or email address I have mentioned above. Thank you for considering my letter.

Yours Sincerely,
Brooklyn Romeo.

Enclosures: Activities Aide Resume

This sample activity aide cover letter should help you write your letter. Keep it business like and to the point; devoid of errors of any kind. Apart from this, format your resume well too.

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