Admissions Assistant Cover Letter

An admissions assistant cover letter follows the professional business letter writing format that is called the 'blocked format.' It is also known as the American pattern of writing letters. In the following section, we will see how to write the cover letter.

Admissions Assistant Cover Letter Format


Mention your details as in where to contact you and your telephone numbers, etc. at the top of the letter. You have a choice of either placing it at the top center or left corner of the page. Select a font size bigger than the rest of the text as this is your header of the admissions assistant cover letter.


This section forms the body of the letter. The paragraph begins with introducing yourself as a prospective employee that the employer is searching for. And without any delay, you should give the reference of your source of information about the vacant post.

Preferably keep the length of the letter to two paragraphs only and write the matter in paragraphs rather than giving a list of bulleted points. Having said this, please keep in mind that the letter is to be typed and not written.


End the letter thanking the reader, whoever it may be, the employer himself or the recruiting officer. Another tip here is that, try and know whom you are addressing to. In case, the advertisement for the job offer did not give out names, call on the number provided and ask for the name.

Admissions Assistant Cover Letter Example

Maria Jones
23 - Jolly Roger Apartments,
Galaxy Rd., Street No. 8,
New York.


Robert Pareirra
HR Manager
XYZ Education Pvt. Ltd.
Nightingale Society.
Business Avenue, Floor 8,
New York City.

Mr. Pareirra,
Re: Admission Assistant's post

I write this letter with reference to the advertisement in the national daily, Business Employment News dated 03/01/2011 for the Admission Assistant post openings in XYZ Education Pvt. Ltd. I understand you are in urgent requirement of the said post and need a team of efficient and dedicated professionals. You can surely count me in as one. I am quite keen in being associated with your firm and think I fit in into the criteria. Kindly consider me.

Thanking you. Hope to hear from you soon.
Maria Jones.

Enclosures: Resume, Certificates.

Based on this format and sample, you can frame your letter. Take care with the spelling errors if any and do not forget to update your resume. You may, and preferably, include your highlight-able qualities. Wish you best of luck!

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