Assistant Accountant Cover Letter

Write an assistant accountant cover letter to have a speedy selection for the job you want. The cover letter helps you to get noticed because of the matter you present in it. The content of the letter is personal and written to the employer for attempting to convince them about your capabilities and getting selected. Just like you give importance to the way your draft your resume similarly pay a little attention while drafting this letter. The following will tell you what the cover letter is all about:

Assistant Accountant Cover Letter Example

Write the assistant accountant cover letter in the following American format. The content of the letter given below reveals the candidate's personality and intentions of joining the accounting firm. It will give you an idea of how to convert your qualities into your favor when entering the professional world.

Sample Assistant Accountant Cover Letter

Stanley Smith
132 Barbie Street
Residential Society
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (907) 879 9856


Torque Earnest
Human Resources Officer
Recruiting Department
Montana Accountants Association

Dear Miss. Earnest,
Subject: Job application for Assistant Accountant

I am writing to you for applying for the position of an Assistant Accountant in Montana Accountants Association. I saw the notice for the vacant position in the weekly newspaper, on 09/22/2011. I think I am an eligible candidate for the said designation because of my experience in accounting, bookkeeping, and assisting my seniors in my previous organizations. I started my career interning with the National Take-Away Money Bank. I have learnt practical handling of bookkeeping being associated with this bank. After proving my mettle there for a year the bank offered me the position of Assistant Accountant. I had been working with them for two and a half years now and I think I should explore other horizons too. That is why I am looking for an employment opportunity in an accountancy firm.

I am sure I can get to learn more in your organization as you deal with account handling of clients from every industrial sector. Handled the department where the daily transactions were monitored and recorded on computers. I am deft with excel sheets and using database management software.

I earnestly hope to meet you and wish to thank you for your valuable time.

Truly yours,
Stanley Smith

Enclosures: The following documents are attached to my letter:

  1. Resume
  2. Educational certificates
  3. Experience letter
  4. Recommendation letter

This sample assistant accountant cover letter is about how the candidate has learnt and stuck to the organization that helped her learn her subject. The fact that the candidate has stayed for two and a half years is highlighted in the letter which shows commitment and attachment to the place of work. The employers consider it as a big positive point because they invest their resources on the employees. Take a note of the line where the candidate mentions about utilizing her ability to use the software. You too should work on jotting down your strengths and mention them in the cover letter in a way that it supports you. Impress the employer with your cover letter and resume by finding out about their company profile. It will help you in the interview too. Best of luck!

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