Assistant Attorney General Cover Letter

Knowing how to write the assistant attorney general cover letter requires little homework. You should know about the organization where you are applying with regards to the kind of work they do and also for judging yourself as to how you fit into the profile. The cover letter is written to the employer or the recruiter in an attempt to convince him of your candidature.

There is a format for writing the assistant attorney general cover letter which is given below. But before that we will have a look at the things to be kept in mind when writing the letter. They are as follows:

Assistant Attorney General Cover Letter Format

The format for writing the assistant attorney general cover letter is like the American letter writing format and it mainly consists of two things. First, of the two being the information about the vacant position and about the qualities that you have which can impress the recruiter.

These are important points to mention in the letter because the reason behind writing the assistant attorney general cover letter is to make the employer read your resume. For supporting your cover letter it is advised to study about the organization or company wherever you apply for a job. When you know about the kind of work they carry it will be better to mold yourself and write the letter accordingly. The following is the format for writing the cover letter:

Candidate's Details: Name, postal and e-mail addresses, telephone number of the candidate

Date: (mm/dd/yyyy)

Addressee's Details: The name and designation of the person whom you are addressing the letter will follow next


Body of the Letter:
Conclusion of the Letter:

Closing Salutation, (signature)
Name of the Candidate

Sample Assistant Attorney General Cover Letter

James Statham
564 Halloween Street
Horror Society, Den No. 13
North Las Vegas
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (713) 458 7784


Torque Earnest
Human Resources Officer
Recruiting Department
Nevada Legal Process Outsourcing
North Las Vegas

Dear Miss. Earnest,
Subject: Job application for Assistant Attorney General

This letter is with respect to the notice posted online by your department in the official site about the requirement of Assistant Attorney General. I am interested and think I am eligible for filling this position in your firm. I have been working in LPOs (Legal Process Outsourcing) since I graduated and my job responsibilities included handling clients over the phone, detecting the issues, meeting them in person and advising them on how to go about solving the problem. After six months I was appointed as an Assistant Attorney General to take charge of the cases handled by the attorneys in different states, to maintain the documentation and manage the work distribution.

Now I wish to work in a managerial position handling the cases in the town where I will be posted too because I think one can manage things effectively and efficiently that way. I have read your offer document for the said designation and I am willing to perform my duties accordingly.

Waiting to hear from you soon. I will call you two days later i.e. 09/26/2011. Thank you very much for your time.

Truly yours,
James Statham


The example of assistant attorney general cover letter presented here is for your reference. You can use this for drafting your personal letter to the employer where you are applying if you have a similar situation or else customize the letter according to your needs. Wish you all the best!

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