Assistant Bookkeeper Cover Letter

An assistant bookkeeper cover letter is part of the preparation process when entering the job market. The employment process depends on your resume but with this tool, the cover letter, you can speed up the process of being called for an interview. Just like the way you give importance to the resume, making it in the reverse chronological order or in the functional manner, the cover letter is your personal letter to the employer for conveying the message that you are interested and eligible for the designation you are applying.

Every job and designation needs some personal traits Checking whether you have those qualities in you that will enhance your performance doing that job is very important for writing the assistant bookkeeper cover letter. The purpose of writing the cover letter is to convince the addressee of your capabilities. The addressee is the employer in the firm where you wish to be employed.

The content of the letter is simple and personal. You should talk about how you are interested in joining them and from where did you come to know about the openings. If you wish to meet and discuss about the job, write it in the letter and make sure you give the person a call or visit, as per your commitment.

Assistant Bookkeeper Cover Letter Format

The format for the assistant bookkeeper cover letter is like any other formal American letter, like given below.

Candidate's Details: Contact details of the addressee with addresses and phone numbers

Date: In the MM/DD/YYYY format

Addressee's Details: Name, designation and the organization's name

Salutation: Dear Mr. / Miss. ________ or Mr. / Miss. ________
Subject: Application for the position of Assistant Bookkeeper

Body of the Letter:
Conclusion of the Letter:

Closing Salutation: Sincerely yours, Yours sincerely, Truly yours, Yours truly, etc. (signature)
Candidate's Name

Sample Assistant Bookkeeper Cover Letter

Every assistant bookkeeper cover letter you write will be different in content as the letter needs to be personalized depending on the job profile. The following example is written by a university student who has experience in bookkeeping while studying. See the way she uses the experience in her favor when applying for the job.

Sample Assistant Bookkeeper Cover Letter

Eva Martin
564 Garden Street
Daffodils Apartments
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (705) 457 7845


Torque Earnest
Human Resources Officer
Recruiting Department
Central U.S. Bookkeeping Association

Dear Miss. Earnest,
Subject: Job application for Assistant Bookkeeper

The notice for urgent requirement of the position of Assistant Bookkeeper in Central U.S. Bookkeeping Association is making me write this letter. I am happy to write to you as I wish to apply for the said position. I think I am eligible for doing the work as I hold an experience of three years in this field. I have been maintaining records for students and professors of the University of Arizona while studying Accounts in the Department of Accounts.

Having worked for three years I know how to troubleshoot issues arising with the database management on computers. I think I am thorough with the essentials of handling bookkeeping under various parameters. Hence I wish to be employed under your reputed organization. I request you to kindly consider my application for the same.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,
Eva Martin

Enclosures: Please find attached the following documents along with this letter. I am submitting them as per your specifications in the advertisement.

Look at the way the candidate has turned her part time experience in her favor while applying for a job. This is how you try to write the assistant bookkeeper cover letter and convince the employer of your skills and abilities. Wish you all the very best for your future!

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