Assistant City Attorney Cover Letter

If you submit an assistant city attorney cover letter along with your resume you increase your chances of being called for an interview. The situation is similar to getting a date of hearing in front of the judge for some case. You have to wait till you are called. Fortunately, you do not have to wait like this when applying for a job. The cover letter gives you a chance to speed up the process, and this happens because of the content of the letter. It is a personal letter which is written formally for promoting your resume. An example of the assistant city attorney cover letter given in the following section will explain it better.

Sample Assistant City Attorney Cover Letter

The important factor to bear in mind while writing the assistant city attorney cover letter, is to market your capabilities and experiences with an intention to influence the addressee. The expected result of submitting the cover letter is to win a call for interview. One needs to find out ways to evade competition in the employment field.

Type the letter in the American format of writing formal letters. The letter should be addressed personally to the appropriate person in the organization, like the hiring manager. The usual word limit for the letter is 400 words.

Take care of small things like avoiding spelling mistakes and silly grammar mistakes. The letter should be proofread before sending it across. To make it customized find out as much as you can about the official work profile of the company.

Sample Assistant City Attorney Cover Letter

Kimberly Barnes
132 St. Mary's Road
Bluebells Society
North Dakota
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (701) 985 6666


Torque Earnest
Hiring Manager
Recruiting Department
North Dakota State Legal Associates
North Dakota

Dear Miss. Earnest,
Subject: Job application for Assistant City Attorney

I write this letter to you for expressing my interest in the position of Assistant City Attorney in your organization. I have been practicing since I have graduated in law and handling Driving Under Influence cases. I am currently associated with the legal process outsourcing unit of a private firm, A2Z Timely Legal Solutions. I have served for two years here and have learnt the practical lessons well. Now I am confident of handling the documentation of any case and can handle clients for different cases as well.

As is taught in every law university questioning the client and documentation are the most important things when preparing for any case. While interning under my professor of law in University of North Dakota, I was given the charge of documentation and I can say I am quite good at it.

I am confident of being an asset to North Dakota State Legal Associates. I have gone through the requirements you have mentioned in your advertisement in the official website, Please find attached my resume, a letter of recommendation, and other documents that were specified in the notice. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you!

Yours truly,
Kimberly Barnes

Enclosures: The following documents are attached to my letter:

  1. Resume
  2. Educational certificates
  3. Experience letter
  4. Recommendation letter

In this example assistant city attorney cover letter you see how the candidate has used her experience to her advantage. She has used the fact that the organization deals with cases related to DUI more cleverly and tried to sell her experience in the cover letter. Her specialization is the documentation process, which is a very important part of initiating any proceedings. The more detailed and relevant your documentation is the better are your chances of winning the case quickly.

Hope this write up helps you draft your assistant city attorney cover letter in the appropriate way. We wish you all the best for your future!

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