Assistant Curator Cover Letter

Writing an assistant curator cover letter depends on the job description given out by the employer. The way of presenting your skills in the letter will depend on the organization you are seeking the job in. An assistant curator needs to do various things that vary from organization to organization, like keeping a track of the artifacts displayed in different exhibitions in case of a museum curator. The museum curators get to decide which items to display and taking care of those artifacts as well.

Similarly a medical curator will have to take care of the documentation work of what needs to be taken care of and researched, things like renovation of the storage places for certain preserved things, etc. It is essential to bear in mind what you wish to convey to the employer in the cover letter.

The basic aim of writing the assistant curator cover letter is to impress the employer or recruiter and make him or her read your resume. There are a lot many applications that the recruiting departments of organizations receive out of which they select only a few. So, to make it to the selected list of candidates, it is recommended to write the cover letter. It not only speeds up the hiring process but also helps you get the much needed attention of your employer.

The example assistant curator cover letter given below is written in the American format of writing professional letters. The nature of cover letters is personal as far as the content is concerned. The language, font face, size and color should be formal.

If you wish you may write your strengths in a bulleted list. Just bear in mind not to give repetitive information in the cover letter as you have given in the resume. Try and highlight your most sellable points in the cover letters, depending on the requirement of the organization you are applying in.

Sample Assistant Curator Cover Letter

Tasion Jonathan
214 St. Joseph's Street
New Church Residential Society
North Las Vegas
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (775) 111 4578


Raven Shawn Michael
Recruiting Officer
Human Resources Department
Nevada Art Museum
North Las Vegas

Dear R.S. Michael,

Subject: Job application for Assistant Curator

I write this letter with reference to the advertisement posted online on your official museum site, I am happy to respond to the prestigious job. I am a Historian with specialization in Culture and Traditions of Civilizations. Reading and updating myself with the latest developments in the studies about my subject is my hobby and I think I can do justice to this job fully. I think, having a job which closely matches your hobby is something very few fortunate people get to do and I certainly wish to be one amongst such people.

The job profile of an Assistant Curator in your reputed organization will do that for me. It is like a golden opportunity for me to be a part of the Nevada Art Museum and be surrounded by the ancient treasure. I am confident of being an asset to your museum.

I would definitely like to have this job and can come down to meet you when you are free in the next week.

Thanking you for your time.

Sincere regards,
Taison Jonathan

Enclosures: The following are the supporting documents along with the resume:

  1. Resume
  2. Educational certificates
  3. Experience letter
  4. Recommendation letter

This sample assistant curator cover letter expresses the personal views of the writer and it is not an absolute example of writing the cover letter. Mention all those you think will project you in the right light for getting selected for the job. Address the letter personally to the employer or the recruiting head. Personalizing the letter makes a good impact. For a lasting impression it is better to find out some information about the organization you are applying in. Wishing you all the luck and good wishes for your future!

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