Assistant Executive Cover Letter

An effective cover letter addresses basic issues like why is the cover letter written, what an applicant has to offer and how a recruiter is supposed to contact you. A cover letter that fulfills these three basic concerns is a specific format and impressive language is an effective cover letter.

Tips on writing cover letters

Given here is a sample cover letter of an assistant executive. Take help from this sample to draft your cover letter.

Sample Assistant Executive Cover Letter

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Date: MM/ DD/ YYYY

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Sub: Application for the post of an Environment Technician

Ref: Your ad in the New York Times dated June11, 20XX

This is with reference to your ad in classified in The New York Times dated June 8, 2011. I hereby wish to apply for the post of an assistant executive in your reputed organization. I understand the credibility of this post and able to fulfill all the responsibilities of the post.

I am well aware of the work of your organization and the projects run. I am well qualified with good experience in the concerned field and do wish to offer my services to tour organization as assistant executive.

I have done MBA in Finance from ABC Institute of Management. I have attended and conducted many employee- employer programs. I have good communication skills and can manage a good team. With the ability of making quick and correct decisions, analytical skills, organizational aptitude, analytical skills and efficiency I can assure you that I will prove to be an asset to your company.

I have worked for 11 years as assistant Executive in ABC Organization. My responsibilities there include policy making, approving tenders, proposing plans, recruiting, monitoring, supervising, and ensuring the effective and efficient working of the organization. I have introduced three employee benefit policies which help in retaining employees and cut down the attrition rate to 80 %.


  1. Resume
  2. Letter of Recommendation
  3. Experience Letter
  4. Relieving Letter
  5. Copies of Identity Proof
  6. Copies of Address Proof
  7. Educational Certificates
  8. Copies of Latest Salary Slip

I hope you find the document enclosed herewith worthwhile. I am eagerly awaiting your phone call for a personal interview. Given an opportunity, I hereby assure you that my experience, knowledge and skill will not disappoint you.

Sincerely yours,

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