Assisted Technology Specialist Cover Letter

Assisted technology specialist is the one who provides technical and functional support and assistant to the mental health services recipients. The position is responsible to educate people with disabilities. If you plan to apply for this position make you send an assisted technology specialist cover letter along with the resume. The cover letter is one important tool in the job search which can help increase your chances of getting your dream job.

Instructions to write a cover letter

The sample cover letter assisted specialist cover letter can help you write one.

Caroline Michael
5678 Victoria Street
Westminster, UK 6789

March 17, 2011

Mr. George Mike
Mike Inc
4567 Despard Street
Atlanta, GA 4678

Dear Mr. Mike,

I am looking out for a position that will allow my experience, education, skills as an assistive technology specialist. I found your open position for assister technology specialist to be the best match. I have enclosed my resume with this letter for your further consideration.

I am a B.S in technology and have four years of experience as an assistive technology specialist in (mention the name of the company). I am proficient in handling computer systems, which make me an excellent candidate for the position. I have extensive knowledge of the products and the programs used in your company.

I believe it would be helpful if we can meet up and discuss my educational qualifications and experience. Kindly call me at (mention your contact details) to schedule a time for the interview. Thanks for your time and consideration for reviewing my letter.

- Caroline Michael

Enclosure:resume and work experience certificates

This is how you can write an assisted technology cover letter and create a good impression to a potential employer.

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