Assistive Attorney Cover Letter

Assistive attorney cover letter focuses on the applicant's skills and ability to work in a law firm. The concerned person should handle variety of matters that are related to law. The main idea behind writing a cover letter for assistive attorney is to serve two purposes. The first is that it is used to cover gaps that are left by the resume and to make your case strong in front of the employer and the second part is that it answers the question why they should consider you for the position.

A good and effective cover letter should highlight your strengths and skills that you possess that ideally matches up to the position. Apart from this it should also give an effective argument as to why your skills and experience and other traits make you an ideal candidate for the position.

Job description and responsibilities of assistive attorney:

The job description of an associate attorney can also help you include some important points that can be included in the letter.

The sample letter will guide you as to how to write such type of letter.

Thomas Timothy
42, S Riverview
Ogden, Iowa 5689
(121) 456-6789

March 17, 2011

Martha Williams
345 South Avon Drive
Milton, New York 5689
(121) 568-5675

Dear Mrs. Williams,

I am writing this letter in respond to the job posted by your law firm. I would like to be considered for the assistive attorney in your firm. I have enclosed my resume with this letter for your consideration.

I have practiced general law for the past two years in (mention the name of the firm here). I have worked in public interest law firm of (mention the name) where I specialized in equal employment and government corruption cases. I would like to focus on research for a variety of cases. I believe that my education and experience will provide me with valuable skills that will prove to be a great asset to your law firm (mention its name).

I would be happy to meet you and show how you the cases that exhibit my success and also know what you are exactly looking out for.

I am available to meet you any weekday after 2:00 pm. Please do call me at (mention your contact details). I hope to be a part of your law firm in the days ahead. Thank you for the time you took to consider my letter.

- Thomas Timothy

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificates

This is an example to write an assistive attorney cover letter that should write in such a manner to grab the attention of an employer. The letter should persuasively make a case as to why the attorney applicant should be contacted and called for an interview.

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