Benefits Assistant Cover Letter

According to the bureau of labor statistics the benefits assistants are found virtually in every industry. This is because the job responsibilities attributes to the fact that they perform in important functions related to assisting employees with the company provided benefits. Hence, writing a benefits assistant cover letter should outline your skills and qualifications that will benefit the employer.

Before you start writing the cover letter for such a post, it is good to know the skills and function that is usually required.

Job responsibilities for benefits assistant

Benefits assistant are the ones who help employees with the initial benefit enrollment, changes in claim and coverage issues. In addition to handling medical insurance, they provide a spectrum of benefits that is provided by the company. Other job responsibilities include canceling of benefits when employees leave the company.

Employers usually look for assistants who have a strong attention to detail as they are responsible for auditing and enrollment related to insurance bills and paper work. They look for someone who possesses a high level of trustworthiness and discretion that is required to manage confidential employee information.

Below is a sample benefits assistant cover letter which talks about the candidate skills and his or her ability to manage the benefits for employees for a particular company.

Sample Benefits Assistant Cover Letter

Marcos Lee
3456 Bridge Street
Tulsa, OK 3567

April 25th, 2011

Lynda Eland
XMT Company
234 Sea crest Avenue
Town Hall, USA 3672

Pursuant to the advertisement in the website (mention the name of the website), I am forwarding you an updated resume. I would love to be a part of your organization as a benefits assistant.

I began my career after graduating from (name of your institute) and worked in a finance department of XZX Company. I stayed there for two years and then moved to the benefits and compensation department of (mention the name of the company). I know the responsibilities of a benefits analyst very well. I also know that benefits analysts need special skill that can deal both communication as well as financial understanding.

My present work profile is to assist successful procedure and processing of benefits administration for over hundred of employees. I believe I could bring this same success and excellent work ethic to your organization as well. I am highly enthusiastic, hard working person and love to work in team oriented environment.

If you feel that I am the right person for the position, please call me at (insert your contact details). I look forward to hear from you. I am confident that as a benefits assistant, I have the time and energy to concentrate in your growing business.

Thank you for reading this and for your valuable time and consideration.

Marcos Lee

Enclosure: resume and experience certificates

As you can see from the benefits assistant cover letter that helps the job seeker to talk about her ability so as to manage salaries and other benefits for employees of the company. The letter should provide all such useful professional information that will help the employer to shortlist your resume.

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