Kennel Assistant Cover Letter

A kennel assistant cover letter is a letter attached to the resume by the applicant to impress upon his qualities and skills as a kennel assistant. It is meant to showcase his educational background, professional credentials and work experience if he has any. It is meant to set his resume apart from all other resume and make him appear unique among all other applicants. A kennel assistant cover letter thus focuses on the ability of the applicant to deal with animals, prior work with animals, patience, medical education regarding animals and much more. It has to focus on all his virtues and good qualities.

While writing a kennel assistant cover letter, one needs to keep several points in mind:

Below is an example of a kennel assistant cover letter that will help you compose your own cover letter.

Sample Kennel Assistant Cover Letter

Ursula Rutherford
890 Harlow Apartments
Tuscany Street
Tunnel Road
Ohio 7865035

Contact Number:
0013307483648/ 00133075683645


July 6th 2011

The Hiring Manager
Wonder Paws
78 Palmer Lane
West Street Road
Ohio 7865487

Respected Sir/ Madam,

Subject: Application for the post of a kennel assistant.
Reference: Advertisement on

In the recent past, I came across an advertisement that stated the vacancy for the post of a kennel assistant at Wonder Paws. I came across this information on the website I am an ideal candidate for this job post as I am an animal lover. I have dedicated my life to doing what I can for them and have made several contributions on my behalf. I also help out at a dog shelter called 'Annie's second home for canines.' I volunteer here, where we take care of stray dogs and provide them with food, medications and shelter. I have summarized my credentials as a kennel assistant in this letter itself and have attached my resume for your inspection.

I passed out of The Ohio State University with a degree in wildlife conservation. After this, I worked with a company affiliated with National Geographic that organized campaigns and conducted surveys for the welfare of animals. I worked in the company for over six years. In the past one year, I have been working on the 'Save the seals' project sponsored by National Geographic itself. I am also experienced in performing minor surgeries on animals, cleaning up wounds and handling animals. My love for animals helps me treat them with utmost care and concern.

I hope I have convinced you about my credibility for this job post. I have always aspired to work for the well-being of animals and it would be an honor to serve a company such as yours and doing what I love. I will be obliged to come by your office and show you my portfolio which contains all my campaign work. I seek a personal audience with you so we can discuss more on these terms.

Thanking You
Yours sincerely
Ursula Rutherford

The above sample of a kennel assistant cover letter can give you a brief idea of how you can write an impressive cover letter to get a job. If you follow the instructions mentioned in the article, you can compose an effective and impressive cover letter to supplement your resume. All the best!

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