PR Assistant Cover Letter

Drafting an impressive cover letter is the quickest way to get noticed. A well structured cover letter simplifies recruiter's work of scrutinizing applications and short listing suitable candidates. Thus, it is important to draft a cover letter that stands out from hordes of applications and gives you an edge over other competitors. A cover letter is read prior to the resume by the recruiter. Hence, if the cover letter impresses the recruiter enough then consider your work as half done. Make sure your cover letter content is split in to 4 separate paragraphs as this will simplify the recruiter's task of analyzing and short listing relevant information. To help you understand the practical ways of implementing these tips while drafting the cover letter, we have presented a PR assistant cover letter example below. Refer to the template and craft your cover letter. Also given below is a concise job description of a PR Assistant.

PR Assistant Job Description A PR assistant supports the PR department in developing and maintaining cordial relations with all external associates of the organization. He is responsible to create a positive image of the organization in the market. He develops marketing strategies, schedules events, plan product launches, support social causes and organizes gatherings. As an assistant to PR manager, he communicates with associates, informs them about events, ensures their participation, send greetings on special occasions and make the organization's presence felt at all PR gatherings. Also, he establishes contact with all customers and convinces them about the product quality, effective after sale services and organization's customer oriented approach. Thus, a PR assistant plays a pivotal role in building goodwill of the organization, generating business and keeping associates interested in transaction business with the organization.

Sample PR Assistant Cover Letter

Date: 18th October 2011

Michelle Brown
Mesa, AZ 87741

Philip McKinley
Marketing Manager
Dimensions Business Consultants Inc,
Mesa, AZ 65521

Subject : Application for the post of PR Assistant
Reference: Edward Pete (Employee Code: 1153)

Dear Philip,

I am pleased to find that Dimensions Business Consultants Inc. is looking out for suitable candidates to handle the post of PR assistant. I was acquainted with this job opening by Edward Pete working as a Sr. Marketing consultant in your organization. I find the job description perfect to my qualification and career profile and hence would like to apply for this job.

I possess an experience of 2 years in public relationship management domain. My experience has given me wide experience of managing success and failures, uncertain risks as well as opportunities. I believe my strength lies in my ability to communicate, organize tasks, keep up a pleasant personality and establish cordial relations with associates. I am sure these qualities will help me present your organization to external associates impressively and develop effective business opportunities. I can assure you of my active involvement and enthusiasm towards organizing events and ensuring participation from external parties. Also, my keen interest in exploring avenues will encourage me further to accept challenges.

I wish to present my resume, certifications and experience letters for your reference. Kindly consider my application for the post of PR Assistant. To communicate your reply, feel free to contact me on the given correspondence details.

Name: Michelle Brown
Address: 17, Golden Gate Avenue, Mesa, AZ 87741
Telephone No.: 588 - 020 - 1412
Email id:

I sincerely thank you for your time and consideration and hope to receive a positive response soon.

Michelle Brown


Feel free to adopt this template in same format or modify it as per the requirement. We hope the PR assistant cover letter example opens up several job avenues and leads you to success. We have attempted at including tips and guidelines. We believe these tips will prove useful to draft a well structured resume.

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