Sales Assistant Cover Letter

The cover letter that you send with your resume always focuses on your experience and skills, which will set you apart from all the candidates. You should never reproduce your entire resume in your covering letter, but it is very important to highlight your accomplishments and skills with the specific requirements mentioned in the job description. Sales professionals always look for assistants who will understand the difference in a way the sales teams and other departments usually operate. Here are some essentials that you need to take care of while writing a cover letter.

If you are still confused, then read on the below written example sales assistant cover letter, which will give you a better idea.

Sample Sales Assistant Cover Letter

Calvin Cox
960 Wexford Way. Rock Hill, SC29730 803-323-9331

December 23, 2011

To Mr. Jacob Feltner
Meryl Lynch International Bank
1841 Hott Street
Oklahoma City, OK73109

Dear Mr. Feltner,

Re: Sales Assistant Position

First, I would like to thank you for posting your ad for the position of Sales Assistant in your bank at Oklahoma. Today, I am writing with the hope to be able to meet you and learn more about the goals you have in mind for this position, and my experience that I will be offering you.

I have gained six years of experience developing positive relationships with all my customers in my position as a sales assistant. I have been awarded two sales representative of the year awards at my current organization, and I also have a winning track record for my sales figures and skills in my department. Moreover, I have excellent interpersonal skills, in-detail knowledge about computer software and programs, and I can help your organization in marketing, selling any product or promoting products that I strongly believe in. I strongly believe in all the sales activities that your bank promotes.

If you want proof of my dedication and candidacy, then I would request you to contact me at 803-323-9331 or leave an e-mail at I would love it if we could speak in person, and await a positive response from your side.

Calvin Cox
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume

Now, you know how you need to write a good cover letter. So, go ahead and exhibit your writing skills. However, if you are not a good writer, then you can take help from your friends or family and ask them to write a good cover letter for you. Good luck!

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