Teaching Assistant Cover Letter

Given the scarcity of teaching assistant jobs in the current education sector, writing a teaching assistant cover letter can prove to be good idea in securing an opportunity for the interview. Teaching assistants, just like their title suggests, provide assistance to teachers teaching in elementary, middle, or high school. They know each subject well to be able to teach the students.

Teaching assistants work under the guidance of teachers and do work similar to that of a teacher. They design lectures, provide help to students struggling to cope with the studies and many more such duties. Teaching assistants also help out during extracurricular activities. Their main job is to reduce the workload of the teachers so they can provide better education to children.

People working in this profession are mostly students learning to become teachers and this way, they get a firsthand experience of the duties of a teacher. Some of them even make a career in this field just being assistants, as the pay scale is decent and the hours are flexible. Therefore, a good teaching assistant cover letter will surely work in your favor.

Providing clerical support to the teachers is another important task in this job. They handle paperwork and help the teachers in grading the students. They assist the teachers during parent-teacher conferences. Therefore, this position is such that you get to learn a lot.

Even if you have don't have any experience as a teaching assistant and are starting new, still write a cover letter stating your education and the type of responsibilities that you will be able to handle. We will help you with this letter. Given below are some easy to follow guidelines on the cover letter. If that is not enough, a complete cover letter sample is also given.

Guidelines on a teaching assistant cover letter

Teaching Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Monica Hart
72, Cahill Street
Portland, Oregon, USA
(726) 737 8373
Cell no. (881) 777 3663

Edith Crane
Milestone Middle School
77, District Avenue
Portland, Oregon, USA

Dear Ms. Crane,

I was excited to find a vacancy for teaching assistant advertisement posted on your school website. I am a newly qualified teaching assistant and was looking for a job in a good school. I was happy to find out about this opening as I too went to Milestone Middle School and know of the education, love and care provided by the school.

I recently attained an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education from the Teacher's Aide Training Institute. I received a good grade and even performed well in all the coursework for which I also received many certificates. I love working with children, especially the ones in middle school as they are in their developmental stages. This is the right time to teach them good ethics so they become good citizens of the country.

I am well aware of the curriculum that is currently being taught in all the middle schools and teach all the grades in middle school. I also am adept at clerical work that is required in this position. One advantage you would get with me is that I was a former student of the school and know all about it. I am confident that it will be of great help to all the teachers and more importantly the students.

Please call me at your earliest convenience for an interview. I can be contacted on my address or even on either of the phone numbers. I would be grateful if you considered an inexperienced candidate like me for this position. Thank you.

Sincere regards,
Monica Hart


  1. Photocopy of resume
  2. Photocopy of associate degree
  3. Photocopy of certificates received in training

The teaching assistant cover letter is effective if you are not experienced in this profession. Here, you can state in detail about the personality and your achievement during education. They can make up for your lack of experience.

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