Assistant to the President Cover Letter

The best way to apply for any job is to always include your cover letter with the resume. In fact it is very important that you send the letter as your introduction to the employer. If written in the right way, you can strengthen your chances of getting a call for the job interview. For a post like assistant to the president, your cover letter should reflect your professionalism and emphasize on your experience. Writing an assistant to the president cover letter is not difficult, if you know what to include in the letter and what not to.

Instructions to write cover letter for assistant to the president

Sample assistant to the president cover letter will show you the tips and instructions as how to write one of your own.

Your name:

Your address:

Your city, state, zip code:


Employer name:
City, state and zip code:

Dear Mr. / Mrs. Last name,

With reference to the advertisement in (mention the source of the job listing), I have enclosed my resume for the post of assistant to the president with this letter.

I have over six years of experience in working as an assistant to the president of (mention the name of your previous employment place). During this span of five years, I have performed a number of significant responsibilities and that includes personal assistance to the president of the company, operational requirements of the office, invoicing, email and phone communications, organizations and filing. I am very enthusiastic and believe in working as a team and get my job done at time.

Please consider me for the post of the assistant to the president cover letter for your esteemed company. I can be contacted at (mention your contact details) to schedule an appointment. Thanks for considering my letter and for your valuable time.


Your name:

Enclosure:resume, work experience certificates and salary slips

This assistant to the president cover letter will help to express your interest in the job, introduce yourself to the potential employer, emphasize on your educational background and experience and the most important of all to complement your resume or in other words make the employer read your resume.

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