Assisted Living Manager Cover Letter

Writing for an assisted living manager cover letter is an important task when you plan to send a resume to a particular company or institution. Many employers may tend to eliminate a candidate if they find that the cover letter is improper. Hence make sure to send a good and effective cover letter which is also accurate.

The first and the foremost facility of assisted living were introduced in the year 1986 which was more of a residential friendly alternative to the senior nursing homes. The assisted living involves housing, hospitality and health care services for the elderly residents who cannot do their work independently and require assistance with the daily activities. An assisted living manger is the one who oversees the senior citizens and works with the staff and caregivers to deliver services and promote wellness and health among the residents.

The Samples of Assisted Living Manager Cover Letter

(Your address with proper zip code :)


(Recipient's address)

Dear Mr. / Mrs. NNNN

I recently found an advertisement for an experienced assisted living manager at (insert the company's name). I am qualified for the position requirements and have included my resume along with this letter.

I have obtained my bachelor's degree in management from the (your university name). I began working as an assistant manger at (your previous company). I worked there for five years and learned a lot about the field. I have effectively overseen all scheduling, staff hiring and communication with clients and their families, financial reconciliation. I have also done evaluation of resident quality of life from person to person basis over the span of five years.

Thanks so much for the time and consideration you have made today. I request you to call me at (contact details) as soon as possible and make arrangement for a follow up interview. I look forward to hear from you soon.


(Your name)

Enclosure: Resume

A second sample assisted living manager cover letter is given below:

(Your address :)


(Recipient's address) Dear Mr. / Mrs.

I request you to review this letter and the enclosed resume for the position of assisted living administrator for the youth facility. I have heard a lot about the wonderful things you do to serve the elderly patients. I would like to offer my career qualifications today for the consideration in regard to the position. I have enclosed my resume with this letter.

I have been an assisted living manger for last seven years at a well known private residential center for the elderly (insert the name of the company). Here I have gained experience in all responsibilities that you have listed in the advertisement. I am a great leader and have all the qualifications that you are seeking for.

Kindly arrange a schedule for a possible interview and feel free to contact me at (contact details).

Thanks for your time and consideration today. I look forward for your call.


Your name

Enclosure: resume

This is how you can write an assisted living manger cover letter and ensure success of the venture that you have in your mind.

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