Director of Development Cover Letter

If you want your resume to fetch you an interview call, then your cover letter will have to compel the employer on reading your resume. Your cover letter should be an interesting piece of document, from the reader's point of view. Your cover letter should only focus on the needs of the employer, so that he does not decline reading your resume.

For ensuring that you get it right at the first time, there are some things that you must consider while writing your cover letter. The most important thing while writing a cover letter is remembering to personalize it. Nobody wants to read a letter that has been addressed to "To whom it May Concern," it sounds like a junk mail, rather than an important mail.

Hiring team will not have the time to go through every e-mail in detail. Therefore, you will have to write things that gets their attention. Research the company properly before you write for them. Companies that keep posting openings are giving you hints of what qualities they expect the candidate to have. Therefore, write a cover letter addressing to the specific experience and letting them know that you have paid attention.

If you still are confused about how a cover letter needs to be drafted, then here is a sample director of development cover letter.

Sample Director of Development Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Michael Lorens
3576 Bay Drive
California, CA9548
Mobile: 485-385-2784
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Ms. Matilda Matthews
Excellence to Grow, Inc
4857 Grove Street
California, CA9582

Date: June 18, 2011

Dear Ms. Matthews,

This letter is being applied for the position of director of development in your organization. My communication skills and excellent financial background would help your organization and I can prove to be a good asset and strong leader for Excellence to Grow, Inc.

This is a small list about my background and strengths, which can be found in detail in the attached resume:

As a matter of fact, I know that during tough times it can be difficult for organizations to raise funds and help all those who are counting on donations. For the same reason, I am sure that I will be able to bring funds from some old sources as well as get some new sources to Excellence to Grow, Inc.

I am looking forward to have a detailed discussion with you on how I will be achieving my goals. You can reach me on 485-385-2784 or you can e-mail me on

Michael Lorens
Your Signature

Enclosure: Cover Letter and Resume

This is how can write your director if development cover letter. You can make changes as per your requirements and qualifications. However, try to avoid any typos or grammatical errors.

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