Hall Director Cover Letter

Hall directors are individuals who have to administer the residential program, which meets the required goals of the residence life department in a certain residential college. The main responsibility of these professionals are responding to all the student issues and taking care of student behavior; coordinating all the programming efforts, which are aligned for the specific residential college. This kind of position needs a person to devote his/her weekend or evening hours.

Hall directors also have to assume leadership responsibilities at all-campus and area levels with complete involvement in every committee. These people have to make sure that there is a proper interaction between all the residents. They will also have to work with the students and staff for establishing an environment that will support the students learning in every area that has been identified by the department. Some of the students may have serious personal issues, and at this time the hall directors will have to meet them informally and try to help them out.

An individual serving the position of the hall director has to make sure that no student is violating the university rules and policies. They have to maintain a proper documentation of every student's behavior, along with incident reporting, follow-up, action taken and disposition. If there are any serious student behavioral issues, then they will have to consult the same with the assistant hall directors and find a solution. Also, set certain ground rules and directions for every hall, which are congruent with the college residential program.

If you think that you have these qualities, then you can start applying for the job of hall director. To get the desired job, you will need to have a well-written cover letter, which highlights all your main qualities and skills. Here is an example hall director cover letter that will be helpful for you.

Sample Hall Director Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Katrina Simon
294 Echo Lane
Kalamazoo, MI49007
Mobile: 269-845-8091
E-mail id: s.katrina@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Ms. Margaret Light
Cornell Hall
1158 Vesta Drive
Chicago, IL60641

Date: February 18, 2011

Dear Ms. Lighty,

I am writing this application letter with many hopes of applying for the opening of the position of Hall Director, and I have also attached my resume along with this letter to let you know that, I will prove to be the best person you can hire for this position. I know that this will need someone who will be able to take full responsibility for the function of the hall and will be available for students whenever required.

I have been working as a hall director for more than nine years now and I love a high energy, fast paced life where this kind of work entails. I know that there are various personalities and getting all of them together in same place is a demanding task, but at the same time I believe it is rewarding. I think that I will be able to bring a fresh new perspective as well as new insight for all those people who will be working with me.

This is one of those few jobs, which will require various working hours, and I will be available at any time of day or night if the staff members or students need me. I think that a meeting between us for discussing my experience and background will be best for both our interests. You can contact me at any time of the day at 269-845-8091 or e-mail me at s.katrina@example.com.

Katrina Simon
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume and References

Cover letters are very simple to write all you need to do is proper research and write it in the proper format. Proofread your letter for any kind of grammatical mistakes. Good luck!

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