Technical Director Cover Letter

A technical director cover letter is just a formal way of introducing yourself to the prospective employer. Through this letter, the employer will be aware of your technical skills and expertise and will also get information on how strong are your marketing and communication skills.

Significance of the Technical Director Cover Letter

If you fail to draft a technical director cover letter, chances are that your resume will straight away land into the bins without being read. Thus, even if you are the most suitable candidate for the job, you may get rejected as the employer may get the feeling that you are not a professional person, as you have not drafted a cover letter. Even if the employer has not requested for a cover letter, it is always a good idea to customize a cover letter to suit the job requirements.

The potential employers are always busy and do not want their valuable time to be wasted. Therefore, they prefer to go through the short cover letters that contain all the necessary and relevant information related to the post of a technical director. Thus, make sure you draft an impressive technical director cover letter.

Content of the Technical Director Cover Letter

Applicants find writing a technical director cover letter as a daunting job even if they are experienced or freshers. They are not sure of what exactly should be included in the letter and mostly end up writing a replica of their own resume.

The cover letter is the best way of highlighting your key skills and achievements or any other details which are relevant to the job requirement, but which cannot be included in your resume.

The cover letter should firstly state the reason behind your application and the source from where you got the information about the vacancy. Then in the body of the cover letter, you can include the details about your skills, education, experience, accomplishments, and achievements as a technical director. It is here that the employer should get the feeling that you are the perfect candidate for the job and put you in the limelight. In the concluding paragraph, you should end the letter on a positive note and thank the reader for allotting his valuable time in reading your cover letter. Express your genuine interest in the job and clearly state details regarding how you are going to follow up. End the letter on a standard valediction with your signature below. It will now be an easier job for you to create your own letter based on the above guidelines.

Sample of Technical Director Cover Letter

If you still do not have an exact idea, you can take reference of the sample given below:

Norman B. Castelli
3397 Despard Street
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: 404-760-5263
Email id:

Date: April 18, 2012

Mary J. Morales
The Hiring Manager
Helium Inc.
467 Gateway Road
Portland, OR 97219

Dear Ms. Morales,

I have come to know from a reliable source that you have a vacancy for the post of "Technical Director" in an organization of your repute. I came across one of the job advertisements published in the "Daily New York Times" dated April 18, 2012. I perfectly meet your job requirements, i.e. an experienced candidate who is willing to relocate to Portland for at least two years.

I have three years of experience as a technical director. Extensive knowledge on business and management principles has enabled me to direct and lead the technical team effectively. Experience helped me in prioritizing the workload and enhanced my multitasking ability. My excellent interpersonal communication skills have led to building strong relationships with my clients and subordinates. However, I will soon be relocating to Portland and hence I am looking out for an opportunity out there.

I thank you for giving your valuable time from your hectic schedule to go through my resume. I would call you up in the next week to fix up an appointment at your convenience for the interview.

Yours sincerely,

Norman B. Castelli

Make sure you check the following points before sending your technical director cover letter:

  1. It should be drafted in a professional manner
  2. It should be free of spelling, typographical, and grammatical errors. So proof-read it several times
  3. It should be short and succinct
  4. It should be duly signed

Thus, in order to get a call for the interview, you must draft an impressive technical director cover letter.

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