Paralegal Resume Cover Letter

The work of a paralegal is essential to the functions of a busy law firm. The paralegal performs a variety of duties, mostly related to gathering research and analyzing the information. Lawyers depend on paralegals for all areas of practice-criminal trials, estate planning, government and medical.

Send a cover letter with your resume when you apply for a paralegal job. Write the cover letter to capture the attention of the attorney. Identify the position you are applying for and how you came to know about it. If someone has referred you, mention this in the first paragraph.

Identify your level of skill and expertise in the second paragraph. Paralegals can become certified in different ways, so be clear about your training. Clarify if you had on-the-job training, took a 2-year course at a community college or completed a bachelor's degree to become a paralegal.

Define how you can be an asset to the law firm. Without duplicating what's on your resume, make your skills relate to the job opening. For instance, if you're a Registered Nurse who has become a paralegal, highlight your ability to serve as an expert witness in addition to performing all the research duties of a paralegal.

Make reference to your enclosed resume when you write the final paragraph. In this paragraph, request an interview for an opportunity to discuss how you can benefit the law firm. Thank the lawyer for his or her time and consideration.

Produce your cover letter using word processing software that will check for spelling and grammar errors. In addition, proof your letter carefully. Reread the letter to see if it is written to flow smoothly and hold the attorney's attention.

Address the attorney appropriately. "Mr. or Mrs. followed by the full name, Attorney at law" is preferred. Your cover letter greeting should be "Dear Mr. or Mrs. Last name:."

Write an email cover letter only if it is requested. When submitting a cover letter by email, remember to include your signature and contact information at the end of the letter. Use the subject line of your email to identify the job you are applying for.

Put your resume in the email document following your cover letter. Send it as an attachment only if requested.

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