Volcanologist Resume Template

A volcanologist is a geologist who is employed by government, research institute, or university to study active and dormant volcanoes located around the world and give warnings in advance to help in safe evacuation of inhabitants staying near the area. They are responsible for collecting the ash, debris or volcanic rock from the locations where volcanoes have erupted or might erupt, and predict future eruptions. If you love science, are inclined to know about how lava erupts and want to travel to remote places to see it live, a career as a volcanologist would definitely suit your personality. Following resume gives a brief idea about the qualification needed and the work carried out by professionals in this role.

Volcanologist Resume Example

Benjamin A. Lockwood
E-515, 34 Main Street
Fairbanks, Alaska 67134
Phone: 360-202-6715
Email: bjalockwood@anymail.com

Career Summary:
Experienced volcanologist, capable of handling dangerous environments and making sound decisions under stressful situations. Ability to lead a team and guide them to collect the right samples. Studied and presented predictions for more than 50 volcanoes in the last 5 years.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

U.S. Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, Fairbanks, Alaska
February 2015 - Present

U.S. Geological Survey, Fairbanks, Alaska
April 2012 – January 2015


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