Bilingual Assistant Resume

Bilingual assistant resume lays out a concise profile of a job seeker. A resume for such a designation or position gives an introduction of the candidate to the potential employer, based on which the suitability for the post is verified. A good resume acts as the first step in getting an interview call. Thus, drafting an effective resume is only possible if you follow a proper format and provide a summary of your education, skills, accomplishments, work experience and other details.

Bilingual assistants fall under a group of categories who may work in different industries. The industries may vary from education, retail, medical, finance, architecture, and manufacturing amongst many others. A person for this position must be fluent in one or more languages. The basic role usually comprises secretarial or administrative functions. However, the roles and responsibilities are not restricted to these areas. The job nature varies from industry to industry. Also, with diversifying and growing work requirements, some employers are beginning to expect more skills and qualifications from a candidate.

Therefore, you must be able to make a resume that should appeal to the employer. Make sure that all the information you provide are true. It is also important not to miss out any relevant information regarding experience or education. To prepare a good resume, you must review, summarize, and present all information effectively. Before writing a resume, do self-assessment followed by outlining all factors on a paper. An unorganized or badly written resume will hardly have any impact.

Sample Resume

Orlando M. Kilburn
3969 Kildeer Drive
Norfolk, VA 23513

Career Objective:
Looking for a bilingual assistant position wherein I can use my skills and experience to the best of my abilities, thereby aiming to give a boost to my personal growth and the organization's growth as well.

Skill Sets:

Computer Skills:
Proficient with S Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook
Excellent in working with the Internet and social networking sites

Professional Experience:

Executive Bilingual Assistant
ABC Pvt. Ltd., Norfolk, VA
2011 - present

Junior Bilingual Assistant
RST Co. Ltd, Norfolk, VA
2009 - 2011

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
See-N-Learn School of Management, Norfolk, VA

Available upon request.

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