Law Associate Resume

While cases are argued by attorneys in the court, there are other people who help them in preparing and presenting it. These people are the law associate who works as an assistant to attorneys. The knowledge and qualification they hold rid attorneys of the legwork by doing it themselves. Such vital is their presence that no law firm could operate efficiently and solve cases since the attorneys will have no time left in appearing to the court due to research and preparation of legal documents.

Sample Resume

Gerald M. Floyd
848 Hart Ridge Road
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 989-262-8361

Career Objective:
Seeking a position of Law Associate in a well-known legal firm where I can handle all the clerical and administrative tasks all alone leaving enough time at the disposal of the attorney to concentrate on important judicial aspects.

Summary of Skills:


Law Associate
J&J Legal Associates, Grand Rapids, MI
2011 - present

Legal Associate
Frank & Clear Legal Firm, Grand Rapids, MI
2009 - 2011

Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
Lawson Institute of Law, Grand Rapids, MI

On request.

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