Business Management Resume (Entry Level)

Writing resume for an entry-level position is not easy as you are carrying less experience along with you. Since no companies want to waste their time and resources in training candidates, getting one's feet inside the company is a tough job. And when the job is related to management, the selection criteria are more stringent. Nevertheless, you still have a chance to prove yourself and fit into the selection criteria by drafting an exclusive entry-level business management resume. It is your only chance to demonstrate your qualities and prove that you are far best than those experienced candidates competing for the position. When drafting it, you have study the duties and responsibilities of the job and decide how you can perform them better than others. For any management job, there are certain skills necessary such as people skills, customer service focused, and communication skills. Employers also seek for candidates who are flexible, can adapt to any work condition, and achieve goals for them. Let your resume focus on these things like the sample below, and you may get your first job as an entry-level manager.

Sample Business Management Resume (Entry Level)

William P. Rankin
4838 Gladwell Street
Memphis, TN 38117
Phone: 901-869-6913
Career Objective:

Looking for an entry-level manager position with “Global Solutions,” to use my business management skills in improving daily operations, sales, and overall revenue for the organization.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Manager Trainee
ABC Company, Memphis, TN
October 2015 - Present

Manager Trainee
XYZ Company, Memphis, TN
February 2014 - September 2015



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