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In order to see the business runs smoothly, organizations have to put in use certain processes. Whether it is planning, production, marketing, administration, etc, each thing has to go through particular processes. But how can the company ensure that what it is following is right for the business. To identify if the adapted practices are right or not, companies hire business process analysts. These analysts evaluate the existing business practices, identify the weak areas or aspects that need improvements, draft records that provide suggestions on development, and disseminate it to the concerned business people.

Knowledge of the existing business process to recommend changes, ability to work with modeling tools, evaluate process and document the current business processes along with the future needs are the required essential traits. Of course, education and experience do matter as well. Hence, a business process analyst resume should reflect that it has been drafted following a certain process i.e. analyzing the needs of the employers and assessing if one is able to full them. Like the job is all about process analysis, the resume too must follow certain steps to rev up the chances of interview calls.

Business Process Analyst Sample Resume

Aubrey A. Battiste
1421 Arthur Avenue
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: 815-785-8937

Career Objective:

A versatile and talented business process analyst with an impeccable career record of handling major IT projects for the last 5+ years. Highly innovative in recognizing business goals and modeling a structure that helps in meeting it. Comprehensive knowledge on designing process for improving functions of Human Resources, Employee Relationship management, Financial Accounting, and project management. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with expertise in negotiating with and convincing stakeholders.

Areas of Expertise:

Work History:

Sr. Business Analyst
eSoft Consulting Ltd., Pond, MO
October 2014 - present

Projects Handled:

Human Resources Project Manager: Built a software architecture for a hospital that helped in entire process of the department. It helped in scanning candidates' resumes thereby saving crucial time of the department. It also helped in entering and tracking performances of employees, issuing memos on the ground of discipline, calculating benefits, and building training programs.

Business Analyst
Innovation E-Commerce Limited, Pond, MO
February 2013 - September 2014

Project Handled:

Project Manager: Designed a financial accounting software for Happy Life Inc. With this software, the client was able to reduce their time spent in bookkeeping activities. In addition, the software helped in managing payment records of their customers, setting a reminder for payment due, calculating interest on overdue accounts; enter employees’ attendance and overtime, etc.


Membership and Certifications:


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