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A contractor resume is written for different positions such as general contractor, building contractor, electric contractor, government contractor, and security contractor to name a few. All these positions execute distinctive responsibilities. The required skills as such also varies. However, the one common thing that helps in getting any of these positions is a resume. This job-searching document is the only source through which you can show your skills and experience to the potential employers. No doubt, you may have all the skills and experience under your belt to handle the job responsibilities. Unless you have described necessary job traits in clear and succinct manner, the hiring manager would not be able to understand your worth. As a result, your resume will go into the trash bin. Therefore, it is necessary to write a contractor resume very seriously so that you get all the attention.

A strong or job-winning resume is one that describes your experience and skills in a compelling way that makes the hiring managers anxious to meet you. To draft such a resume, you must impress the readers with your job objective statement. By writing it, you not only mentioned how you are going to help the organization, but also save time for the readers in identifying the position it has been set for. Frankly, there are no specific guidelines to be followed in writing the objective. You can try to be honest and genuine as possible. Before writing, ask a question to yourself as why you want to work with the company you are applying to. How are you going to help the company, and what you want to prove? Any answers that are coming straight out of your mind will be the best objective to use in your resume.

Next, detail your trade skills. There will be a range of skills necessary in the job. Don't add all of those. Include only skills you actually own. Exception would be the cross-functional skills such as communication, interpersonal, detail-oriented, and organizational. Integrate these competencies cleverly so that they do not appear as picked and dropped in the resume from somewhere else.

After trade skills, apply more effort in creating experience section. This is where the readers will spend more time. They want to know who you are working with, have worked for, where, and from when to when. To inform them, include a name of the company, city and state, date of employment, and job position or title. Further, list the kind of duties and responsibilities you are handling and executed in a bulleted list. Maintain cohesiveness when mentioning these details so that they are interesting to read.

Though experience matters more than education for all types of contractor position, you still have to add educational details. Name the institution from where you have earned your recent degree along with the year of passing. The first education you obtained will be listed last.

Lastly, having someone who can vouch for you is also essential to compete for the job position. Include at least two references of people you have worked with and who can talk positive about your character, skill set and work ethic.

Go through these instructions for a couple of times and you will feel confident about drafting your contractor resume. If you still find writing difficult, then click on the links below for sample resumes.

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