Independent Contractor Resume

Pursuing a contract in the market of Information Technology can be a difficult task. Each time you have to compete against a mob of other contractors while applying for the job of an independent contractor. Thus, it is necessary to mention all your qualifications, skills and experience in a well-organized format to grab the attention of employer. Also don't forget to mention your contact information including your name, address, email id and phone no. so that if the employer would like your resume, he or she can contact you.

Resume Sample

Glenn L. Yoho
4977 Agriculture Lane
Miami, FL 33144
Phone: 305-266-2322

Job Objective:
An independent contractor position with an IT company to help clients manage system integration issues.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Independent Contractor - Computer Programming
WorldSpace Satellite Radio, Miami, FL
2012 - present

Independent Contractor
T-System/Era-PTC, Miami, FL
2009 - 2012

Other Computer-related interests:
Digital Image Processing, Audio Processing/Compression/Streaming, Freeware Java Runtime Environment Development, Genetic Algorithms, Web Server Programming/Development, Web Client Programming/Development.

Current Personal Projects:
The AbC-lounge
The Sony C1 Technical Homepage and mailing list
The Talent Programmers

BS in Computer Science
ABC University, Miami, FL

On request.

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